Fashion Confidential for Women

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Setyembre 6, 2012 ni theairprince

My job as a graphic artist is not only limited to sitting on an office chair, working on the computer, and let the creative juices transmitted to pixel designs and layouts.

At least I don’t have to do photocopying or making coffee for someone :P.

Being part of Marketing Operations Department of HARI (It’s the abbreviation of Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. From now on I will use it for my future stories.) allows me to experience other things that are not listed on my job description. But I don’t regret it. It’s even rewarding. I have the chance to interact with people, get involved with campaigns and activities, and receive other perks.

I was assigned to join with the Customer Experience Marketing team of our department for their One Hyundai Club – Life in Style event last May 26. One Hyundai Club is the exclusive loyalty program for Hyundai car owners. Hyundai is together with its valuable customers in celebrating the brand while experiencing total customer satisfaction through privileges, rewards, and freebies catered to best motoring lifestyle possible.

For more information, go to One Hyundai Club.

OHC had its Fashion Confidential for Women event at Paire Cocktails and Pastries in Quezon City. It caters to the career-oriented and fashion women of OHC who wants to learn the art of effective power dressing. The afternoon affair was led by former Mutya ng Pilipinas 2nd runner up and John Robert Powers instructor Ms. Shaila Anareta. Invited guests were taught how to improve their appearance in terms of wardrobe, styling, and the manner how to carry themselves.

And so I joined with Jo and Arbs. I was assigned to be the photographer. We arrived at Paire while riding a yellow Hyundai EON: a perfect car for the event.

Yellow Hyundai EON displayed outside the venue. Catchy, vibrant, cool.

I took photos of the place and I became fascinated with the interior details. A restaurant must have a nice interior.

And now for the main event:

Setting up for a stylish afternoon.

Arbs showing Ms. Shaila Anareta the clothes sponsored by Plains & Prints for the event.

Jo (in white) warmly assists the guests for registration.

Guests start to fill in the area.

Ms. Shaila talks about the essentials for personal fashion improvement. Check out the lady in the bar. Nice pose! 🙂

Ms. Shaila shows the right clothes for the proper body types.

Ladies experienced personal styling advice from Ms. Anareta.

Part of the session was the demonstration of learning the right hues for your skin color by using gold and silver foil.

Slide showing the different face shapes. What’s your shape?

As Yves Saint Laurent had said: Fashion fades but style is eternal.

The food. I am salivating while attaching these photos! I have to admit that I couldn’t stop looking on them during the session. But tolerance prevailed.

After the meal, we had a mini raffle for the guests, giving certificates of attendance, and lots of photo ops. I’m sure fashionistas and fashion bloggers wouldn’t leave without taking snapshots of themselves. 😉

Jo handing a GC to a lucky winner of our mini raffle game.

Of course we gave them certificates. And a photo op.

Loot bags!

We kindly asked our attendees for their feedback about the event.

Last photo op of some of the ladies of Fashion Confidential.

This cute kid gamely posed and smile to me. Don’t worry, I bless you to be a fashionista when you grow up. 😀

Finally we were treated with delicious food after the event. What a great way to end the day. Was it just me or these look fashionable too? 🙂

But the real fashionistas were us. Joke 🙂 Kuya Jun (our driver), Jo, Arbs, and me 😉

So there you have it. Even if it was only for women, I learned a lot about fashion and styling. Glad I paid attention while I was documenting the event. I can apply it to my passion for fashion since one of my interests is fashion photography. I can share to my friends about what I have learned. If I have extra time as a photographer, those tips can be handy to my models. That’s what you call style evangelization. Naks!

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!


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