My Erpats’ Angioplasty and Pacemaker Operation


Marso 17, 2012 ni theairprince

I’m back! Pasensya na dahil maraming mga bagay-bagay ang naganap. Marami lang akong iniligtas na inaapi… at marami rin akong inapi. Charot.

Last February 23 (Thursday), my dad was admitted to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Medical Center in Las Piñas City for his angiogram, angioplasty, and pacemaker operation. Prior to that, he had medical checkups to Dr. Ma. Rosario Sevilla M.D., his cardiologist (Uhm, she’s not related to us. Galing no? Kaapelyido pa namin and kapangalan ng isang ate ko), at Asian Medical Center and Hospital in Alabang. He was adviced by his doctor to undergo those procedures after he was found having an irregular heartbeat.

Mahirap talaga pag ang tao ay tumatanda. Aside from battling sagging skin and gray hair, there are more serious health conditions we have to monitor and prevent. Diabetic ang tatay ko. Maraming complications ang sakit na diabetes; it even doubles the risks of cardiovascular diseases. He also used to smoke 15 years ago so he developed Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (chronic bronchitis + emphysema) as he gets older. Last year, my dad was also hospitalized because of pneumonia.

This year, he underwent series of ECG and it was found out that he was suffering from cardiomyopathy or the disease of heart muscle. It results to arrhythmia wherein there’s an irregular electrical signals to his heart, thus, resulting to irregular heartbeats. Since ECG is limited only to detect irregularities on patient’s heart electrical activity, the doctor could only guess that there was a possible arteriosclerosis. She advised my father to have angiogram to detect any obstruction in his blood vessels.

My dad was also told that he might need to undergo angioplasty and pacemaker operation after angiogram. The entire operation is less invasive compared to bypass surgery and it will take almost a week for him to recover. Angioplasty is done to widen the narrowed blood vessel while pacemaker, a device larger than 5-peso coin, is placed to regulate the heart beat.

Ok. Sorry for high falutin scientific terms. I’m trying my best to make you understand the procedures. Parang impeachment trial, may terms na mahirap or imposible i-translate sa ating wika. Anyway…

My family discussed this overnight since we had to decide as soon as possible. Considering that the operation is too expensive, we considered a lot of factors (ie. cost of procedure, hospital & medical fees, distance of hospital from our home). We were eyeing for Philippine General Hospital in Manila but it’s too far. Finally we settled at ‘Perps’ since it’s less expensive than Asian Med (Eh parang hotel kung makasingil dun) and closer to where we leave. Also we are referred to Dr. Eric Oliver Sison who will be performing the operation.

We were scheduled to bring him early morning of February 23. As soon as we brought him to his room, a finance staff assisted my older sister and  sister-in-law and explained the payment procedures, while I helped my dad change into his hospital gown. By 8 am, he was brought in the operating room for angiogram, first angioplasty, and pacemaker implantation. In just an hour, it was done. Ambilis nga eh. Then he was returned to our room, looking groggy due to sedatives.

The unit area where we were staying (the cardiovascular intensive unit section) is strict: only 2 people are allowed to stay and only 2 visitors are permitted according to time schedule. Ugali pa naman ng family ko na kapag may naoospital, parang buong baranggay ang bumibisita. So we had to take turns. 2 would enter the area while most of us wait at the holding area.

I had to take care of him the entire day everyday since I was the only one who had ample free time. My ate would accompany me on mornings while my younger sister during evenings. Mom would visit in the afternoon during her break since she needs to handle her business. I took a day-off on Saturday since I had a scheduled photoshoot for Mr. & Ms. APC 2012 pageant, and returned the night of the following day.

I got the chance to have time for my tatay (that’s what we usually call him) even in that worse scenario. Being the panganay of the second family, I felt responsible and at the same time lucky. I know we are way too different since we have a wide age gap (he’s 76 and I’m 25) but on that moment, everything is settled. I may misunderstand  him but he needs me. I’m not like those children who are showy about their love and care to their parents (saying ‘I love you’ or hugging/kissing) but giving time when he needs is my humble way of my responsibility and gratitude for him. That was also my way of repaying what he sacrificed for me even if he is strict like a military personnel.

It feels great when you take good care of your parents. Though it was challenging at first, the experience was rewarding. Other than being familiar with health-related stuff/being informed about diseases and prevention, I gained trust and confidence from my father. He finally realizes my potentials and aspirations in life.

He was discharged on February 27 (Monday). Right now he is doing great. He is finally recovering. Biniro pa siya na since maginhawa na ang pakiramdam niya, baka masundan pa ang bunso namin sa pamilya. His wound from the surgery is healing.

I would like to thank those who prayed for him. I was very anxious before the operation kaya I couldn’t stop tweeting about my feelings at that time. Salamat sa mga suporta at dasal ninyo. Syempre, thanks to God for his successful operation.

I am also grateful to my siblings. In times of trials, we remain intact and supportive. That’s what the advantage of having 10 brothers and sisters. Gulat ka, no?

About the bill… wag niyo na tanungin kung magkano inabot. Masakit pag-usapan. Hehe.

So other than the heart-warming experience, what did I learn? Health is a serious issue. Good thing I don’t smoke and I don’t usually drink alcohol. Siguro dahil nakita ko ang complications from my father. A lot of factor should also be considered for a healthy living: proper nutrition and food intake, enough sleep and hydration, exercise, and healthy lifestyle. In that way, we can lessen the risk of the diseases.

Yun nga lang pag ikaw ang naging tagabantay. Aside from forcing to watch what your dad likes to watch (in case, the Impeachment Trail of CJ Corona) or mamemorize mo na ang bawat kanto ng kwarto na tinutuluyan mo , you are prone to eating a lot particularly those from nearby fastfood chains. Andaming malalapit na kainan sa ospital… Mcdo, KFC, Shakey’s, Sinigang Express, Goodah… etc. I was craving for McDonalds but after few days, sumuko ako. Napurga ako sa trans fats.

Love your parents. Love your family. Love yourself. Love your health.

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!

PS. BY THE WAY, hindi ko makakalimutan yung isang nurse na nag-assist sa erpats ko. Natipuhan ko naman. Simpleng maganda siya. Hindi nakakaintimidate pero ewan bakit natorpe ako. I remember when my kuya handed me enough money to buy food for those who were staying for the night, he told me to buy also for the nurse staff. Eh nagkataon na duty niya. So I decided to buy Shakey’s. I bought an extra regular sized pizza for them. Sana pala binilhan ko siya just for herself. Nung inabot ko yung pizza for them, hindi ako makatingin sa kanya. Muntanga lang. Haha!


15 thoughts on “My Erpats’ Angioplasty and Pacemaker Operation

  1. cha ay nagsasabing:

    ton its 7 brothers and 4 sister. not 10 brothers…heheheheh a bit confuse dami?

    • vinz ay nagsasabing:

      now kulang nabasa ang post mo kc we expereincing d same thing kahapon..nakakatuwa namn at ok na ang father mo sana ganun din ang father maging ok nadin…angioplasty cia kahapon sa chinese gen..sobrang nakak stress..haist lahat na yata ng post at mababasa about angioplasty etc. nabasa kuna at nakaka wala namn ng stress ang post po..godbless sa dad mo!

  2. bagotilyo ay nagsasabing:

    hahah natorpe 🙂

    Good to know that your dad is doing great after the operation.. God is good…

  3. Alex ay nagsasabing:

    Did your dad have slow heart beats? Pacemaker are only put in for slow heart beats, not irregular beats. Just a thought.

    • theairprince ay nagsasabing:

      Ang pagkakaalam ko kasi talagang irregular yung heartbeat ng erpats ko (may binanggit na sinus tacchycardia stuff yung doctor niya). And ang first recommendation talaga is yung angioplasty dahil basing dun sa ECG readings may baradong ugat siya which nagpapataas ng blood pressure. About sa pacemaker, I know na it’s for slow heartbeat. We considered it para sure na ok na ang pakiramdam ng tatay ko in case na dumating sa point na bumagal yung heart beat.

      Anyway, thank you for that and I really appreciate your comment 🙂

  4. richelle ay nagsasabing:

    hi, it’s very inspiring to read na okay na papa mo. My dad is suffering from low heart rate, kaya di pwede wala sya kasama all the time. He’s been advised by the doctor na magpalagay ng pacemaker. (kaya napunta ako dito sa blog mo) Naghahanap kasi ako ng information about the cost and all. Dito kami sa Bohol, kaya wala talaga kaming idea kung magkano. Binigay lang sa amin na info ng doctor ay yung cost ng pacemaker device, sabi nya 200k, wala cya idea magkano ang procedure. Please give me info naman kung magkano kaya yung entire procedure, baka magsagwan na kami pauwi dito sa bohol kasi wala na pamasahe,. heheeehee.. ang binigay lang na name ng hospital is Medical City. Baka meron pang mas mura dun, Phil. Heart Center kaya? I hope share mo naman info and ideas,,, super thank you talaga.. God bless you and your father!!!

    • theairprince ay nagsasabing:

      Hi Richelle! It’s so sad to hear about your dad’s condition but I want to make you, your dad, and your entire family that no matter what it takes, there will be hope. 🙂 First of all, salamat at napdpad ka sa aking blog. 🙂

      Do you have any relatives here in Manila? If so, it will be easier for you para mapadala yung Dad mo rito. I don’t know if there’s a complete facility/capable hospital in Visayas particularly in Bohol. Yeah, may kamahalan talaga yung pacemaker operation kasi the procedure is very hard and the pacemaker device, even if it’s so small, is expensive. Idagdag pa yung professional fee ng doctor and the hospital bills. Umaabot ng 200k nga. Super mahal pero we did everything. Good thing na may PhilHealth kasi yung dad ko.

      Try to contact Phil. Heart Center and University of Perpetual Help Las Piñas. Good thing my dad’s doctor advised us to where we could spend less.

      Here are the contact numbers:

      Heart and Vascular Institute, Univ. of Perpetual Help Dalta System – Las Piñas: (632) 874-8515 local 135
      Philippine Heart Center: (632)925-2401 to 50

      Apparently, down ang site ng Phil. Heart Center.

      I hope na nakatulong ako sa inyo kahit papaano. If you have any concerns, I would love to help sa aking makakaya. 🙂 Hope your dad will be fine. 🙂

  5. norie ay nagsasabing:

    Hi i would like to asked how much is the total cost for the angioplasty? thank you very much..

  6. Roy ay nagsasabing:

    Norie – In medical city, angioplasty = 300,000 huhuhuhuhuhuhu, my father in law under gone that procedure yesterday (Sept. 22, 2012)

  7. Jinggay ay nagsasabing:

    Hi, I found out about your blog because I was researching about cardiology doctors. My father also has the same problem, pero sabi ng cardio n pnuntahan namin baka angiogram and angioplasty lng daw. He told us na mas okay sa UST, pero we have to prepare around 400k, which is a little bit steep. We’re still considering a 2nd or 3rd opinion and I’m planning to bring him to UPMC or consultation kay Dr. Sison. We haven’t met him yet and if ever, this will our first time to consult with him. Mahal ba ang pay fee niya? And from your dad’s experience, do you think 400K is too much or mga ganun dn gastos niyo?

    Thank you.

  8. beng aracil ay nagsasabing:

    We are also in a dilemma kc my mother needs an Angiogram daw. eh from what I heard eh umaabot daw ng P500K, somethint that we don’t have at the moment. Are there any hospitals you would recomment na mas mura per magaling? Sa FEU hospital sya naconfine kc na cardiac arrest sya)(thankfully they were able to save her) kaso ang rates nila…pamatay!

  9. iris ay nagsasabing:

    angiogram po is only about 40-60k sa heart center. yung angioplasty pala ang mahal. omg. my dad will undergo angiogram. hope wala ng need for andioplasty… thanks for all the comments here. very helpful.

  10. Cel silva ay nagsasabing:

    Cel silva

    Hi there. My husband is about to undergo angiogram this friday. Posibleng ma angioplasty din sya afterwards. Eksakto sa father mo ang diagnosis sa kanya. My husband has dilated cardiomyopathy. Possible din daw lagyan sya ng defribillator later on.

    Pasensya ka na ha. Pwede ko ba malaman kung magkano inabot ang gastos? Kailangan ko kasi paghandaan eh. Your blog is really helpful. I need to prepare myself and my kids for whatever lies ahead. I would really appreciate it if you can give me an idea on how much to prepare.
    Thank you and god bless!

    • theairprince ay nagsasabing:

      Hi Ms Cel! It depends on the hospital and the doctor who will supervise the operation. So I can only give a range of cost: from 300k to 500k. Medyo nagpamahal po yung angioplasty plus the pacemaker implant. Pero it’s less invasive and less expensive than bypass surgery. As far as I can remember my dad’s Philhealth membership somehow helped to deduct the price of the operation.

      I hope this will shed some light. Hoping for your husband’s best. God bless. 🙂

      • Anapink18 ay nagsasabing:

        Hello, how much ung nadeduct from Philhealth. Currently, my mom is admitted in PHC for her Angioplasty, ung operation alone cost around 700K wala pa ung professional fees ng surgeon at doctors nia. Kelangan ko lang malaman how much ung sa Philhealth na nadeduct based on your experience.

        Any contact person that I can contact in Philhealth para dito?

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