Homemade Spicy Chicken


Abril 8, 2012 ni theairprince

I love chicken. Isa yan sa paborito kong pagkain since childhood. Whether fried, deep fried, roasted, steamed,  inihaw, inasal, inadobo, tinola, afritada, sinampalukan, sinampal, tinadyakan, sinuntok… name it, I eat chicken. Well, except from eating a live one. Di po ako taga-karnibal. CHICKEN!

Favorite parts ko sa chicken ay legs at breasts. No pun intended. CHICKEN!

One Sunday lunch time, nagluto yung ate ko ng Buffalo Wings. Sounds expensive no? Well, good thing she knows how to prepare it. Saludo ako sa ate ko. The moment I bit a piece of it, it feels like heaven (sa sarap) and hell (sa anghang). Pero masarap! 🙂

In the first place, bat nga ba Buffalo Wings? Here’s the answer.

Then I figured it out how to make one. This time I use not only wings but the other parts. I didn’t include the bony parts since mahirap kainin. I derived the recipe and then I tweaked it.

Here are the ingredients:

  • 1 1/2 kilo fresh dressed chicken wings, drumsticks, and breast. Cut into smaller size.

  • 1 clove(s) of garlic, minced.
  • 1/2 onion, chopped.
  • 3 siling pangsigang, chopped. Or you can use siling labuyo for more spice.

  • Breading mix pack enough for the chicken. In my case, I used 1 pack of Crispy Fry.
  • 1 pouch of 250 g tomato sauce (I used Del Monte Tomato Sauce).
  • 1/4 cup butter

And now the procedure:

1) Hugasan muna ang chicken parts at patuluin sa colander hanggang sa mawala ang tubig. Afterwards, ilipat sa isang malaking bowl at lagyan na ng breading mix. Then shake, rattle, and roll!

2) Heat pan with medium heat and then put some cooking oil. Deep fry the breaded chicken until golden brown.

3) Place the fried chicken parts in a colander or on a plate with some paper towel (sosyal, pwede namang tissue diba?). This will drain excess fatty oil. Nakakawalang gana pag masyadong mamantika.

4) And for the sauce part. You can start this habang piniprito niyo yung chicken. Basta you have another stove. If wala, iprito niyo muna lahat ng manok. Got it?

On another saucepan, melt some butter. Put a little cooking oil to avoid burning the butter too much.

5) Sauté garlic. At this point, the aroma is so tempting. Patience, my dear amigos.

6) Then sauté onions. Sabi ng ate ko, pwedeng huwag lagyan ng sibuyas. Dahil maarte ako, nilagyan ko. Recipe ko eh. Angal?

7) Pag nag-brown na yung garlic at naging translucent yung onions, pour in the tomato sauce. (DEFINE TRANSLUCENT. Ah basta pag luto na yung sibuyas, yun na yon!). Lower the heat and stir continuously until the sauce thickens. Don’t overcook the sauce! Mantika na lang ang matitira.

8) Put the chopped chili. Then turn off the heat.

9) Now you can place the chickens on the sauce. Toss. Or you can put and mix them in a larger bowl.

10) Voila! Yur Spicy Chicken iz reedee tu bee seervh! Bon appetite!

This is easy to prepare. Hindi kailangan ng mga chef expertise at kitchen maneuvers katulad ni Chef Boy Logro (Speaking of Chef Logro… nakita ko siya one time sa Jolibee Magallanes with his kumpadres. Para siyang pinaitim na Super Mario. At nagjoJolibee rin pala siya. Yum yum yum! Yum yum yum!). This only requires the basic ingredients I mentioned above and patience.

You can eat this with a salad or a piping hot rice. Kahit nga wala ng kanin, solb ka na. Yun lang pag marami kang kalaban sa pagkain. Di ko na problema yun.

I recommend this to those endless oh-so-dry fried chicken nights. You can do this for birthdays, pag nagbreak kayo ng girlfriend/boyfriend mo, pag may inuman, pag wala kang budget para kumain sa T.G.I.F., pag nanganak yung alaga mong manok, pag blessing ng bahay niyo, pag idedemolish yung bahay niyo (WTF), and so on.

Let me hear your feedbacks and violent reactions when you try this recipe. Have fun trying and eating this messy but delicious meal! CHICKEN!

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!


2 thoughts on “Homemade Spicy Chicken

  1. jacquepaws ay nagsasabing:

    Reblogged this on Tahimik na Bibig, Maingay na Utak and commented:
    Gusto kong kumain ng tinolang manok!! >.<

    • theairprince ay nagsasabing:

      Wow! Salamat sa iyong pag’like’, pag’reblog’ at pagcomment, Bb. Jacquepaws 😀

      Yaan mo, next time ipopost ko ang recipe ng Tinolang Manok. Yung sagana sa laman para di magalit si Padre Damaso. Charaught. 😀

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