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Setyembre 5, 2012 ni theairprince

I know this is TOO LATE but I am dying to share this to you. My hectic work schedule and other involvements prevent me to update my blog. Busy ang super lolo niyo. ūüėÄ


I had my first major company event last May 25, 2012 (click here about my adventures to my new work). It was the grand launching of Hyundai Central EDSA¬†dealer in Greenhills, San Juan. In automotive business, dealer is like the franchise branch. McDonald’s is Hyundai as dealer is the branch. The department where I belong (Marketing Operations Department, hurray!) was tasked to manage the program for the launch.

It was only after 9 days from my first day in the company that I got to be part of this huge important event. Prior on the launch, I had my first taste of overtime. And I mean serious overtime. The next day of my first official day, my superior tasked me to join the AVP shoot for the launch. I reported to work at 6 AM and we finished at 3 AM… the following day! Biglaan pero worth the experience because I got the chance to experience and learn the ropes of real production. And it didn’t differ from what I used to do way back in college (multimedia production as my thesis, sleepless hours, looking like a zombie, eating not on the right time, moments of creative block, but luckily I surpassed them).

Another thing. My boss assigned me to do my first video edit of the Philippine National Anthem and Invocation for the program. It was difficult at first. I had to review my video editing skills and re-orient my 3d orientation just to make things put into right perspective. It took me almost 2 weeks to finish since I had to juggle with other job orders. In the end, the videos passed. Wooh thank God my eyes were tired of those hallucinating pixels. And hearing Lupang Hinirang back and forth gazillion times during AVP edit was painful but it made me more patriotic. ‚ôęSabihin mo ako’y isang bituing walang ningning… ang mamatay nang dahil sa’yo…‚ôę Haha!

So here are some of the photos of what happened during that brilliant day. ūüôā

Prepping up the place.

Peter Sal (guy in ‘purple’ shirt, it was grey actually, extreme right) = Like A Boss.

We’re coming live from Greenhills! Jo (wearing black) and Kraig (in white) while discussing some production notes. Parang news reporter lang ang peg ni Jo at director naman si Ate Kraig. :))

Models getting ready for the mini fashion show. Expect to witness gowns and heels showdown!

This violin belongs to a familiar person. I won’t spoil it until you reach the midway of this post. ūüėČ

M.O.D. team during final dry run of the program.

Hyundai cars being displayed outside/facade of Hyundai Central EDSA showroom. That Hyundai Sonata in white is SO FLY!

Sir Ricchie and Ms. V. Ganda ng boss ko no? She reminds me of Ina Raymundo lalo na pag nakita niyo siya sa personal. (Gwapo ni Sir Ricchie, baka sabihin si Ms. V lang pinupuri ko hehe.)

Yes, we also had ‘paparazzi’ for perfect entrance shots.

The registration area for the guests.

The M.O.D. boys: Peter, Dan, Arbs, and me. BTW, thanks Arbs for the cardigan. Guests started to flock in the showroom. At this point my hands were a bit sweaty and I had butterflies in my stomach but I had to put my game face on. Nevertheless, this was a privilege given to me. I got the chance to be immersed among high-profiled people.

I find this moment very cute. Instead of taking the shortcut inside the venue, our company president together with other VIP went outside and walked along EDSA to visit the adjacent showrooms also owned by CATS Korean Cars, Inc.

First part of the event was the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

And finally my work was being played on those giant LED screens. Weeks before the event, I was tasked to make audio-visual presentations of the Philippine National Anthem and the invocation. Working on these videos were very tedious but gratifying in the end. I made the videos on After Effects to have a sort of 3D effect. Iba talaga pag pinakita na ang works mo. Sa sobrang excitement ko nakalimutan kong kumanta ng Lupang Hinirang. Haha!

Mr. Wilfredo Pe, Jr. – the President of CATS Korean Cars, Inc., which owns the dealership of Central EDSA.

Ms. Maria Fe Perez-Agudo, HARI’s President and CEO.

The models during mini fashion show segments, dressed up in haute couture gowns. One of the segments had a music background which I loved. Noelle Cassandra, not in photo, played her own rendition of Bond’s Explosive¬†on harp. I was feeling the moment kahit hindi ako yung nasa catwalk. Fave ko kasi yung song.

Entertainment was provided by Noelle Cassandra and John Lesaca. Great tandem. And yes, there goes my idol.

Our team behind the scenes. We were busy making sure the event was going smoothly according to the plan.

And here’s what made my night. I finally met one of my idols: world-renowned Filipino violinist, Sir John Lesaca. I had to convince one of my officemates to take a photo with him before I miss the opportunity. My hands were shaking and I could only utter few decent words of appreciation for him. But he is a nice humble guy. I told him that he is my idol, that I also play the violin but got no formal training. And I got the best advice and boost of morale from him:¬†whether you have formal training or none, as long as you have the PASSION, you can fulfill your dreams. I am starstricken.

People started to flock into the buffet area. Who couldn’t resist the delicious array of delicacies? I wanted to eat but I had a job to do first: take photos of the event. Hindi ko mapigilang mapa-WOW sa food. I even asked permission to be on the servers’ side just to take decent snapshots of the food and guests being served.

Cute presentation of yakiniku or Japanese barbecues.

I can’t distinguish if this is sashimi or sushi. Can somebody educate me?

Some of the desserts of the night: Tiramisu and Coffee Jelly. Great presentation. Great taste. Happy stomachs for everyone. Luckily, we were able to grab some food before it disappeared. Hehe.

Everyone was having brilliant night.

Ms. Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo together with other VIPS. I was so nervous  but since it was my job to take photos, I politely asked for a photo op.

With Ms. V and Sir Cecil Capacete, Sr. AVP of Sales and Marketing Department of HARI.

The Hyundai Central EDSA team with their wacky poses. Sino ang hindi game?

M.O.D. with Chairman of the Board of HARI, Mr. Edward Go.

Last photo op with Mr. John Lesaca before he left the venue.

Our crazy, loud, but fun, hard working, creative team: the Marketing Operations Department of Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. So proud.

A brilliant night.¬†We had a blast. Very successful event. Our hardwork paid off well. Ganito pala pakiramdam pag after those tiresome days and nights of preparation, when you’re finally finished with your job and you saw how successful your event is. I couldn’t stop showing these photos to my parents and telling them what had happened. I want to thank my team and to my bosses for believing on my capabilities. It was only 2 weeks since I was employed but I was already challenged to these kind of projects. God put me on this to show¬†what I can offer and to improve myself.

Cheers for a brilliant event!

Hot Like Mexico, rejoice!


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