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Enero 22, 2013 ni theairprince


One on my bucket list this 2013 is to join a fun run. I’ve never been to fun run events. So when I came across a video link of Smart Live More Run on my Facebook news feed, I said to myself that I wouldn’t miss that opportunity.

It’s not just a fun run, actually. Inspired by India’s Holi Festival and the Color Run, Live More Run is a unique festival that is more of a vibrant and colorful celebration of life, laughter, and bonds rather than a race for speed. It is a 5-kilometer event sponsored by Smart wherein each kilometer has a corresponding color. Runners must wear a clean white shirt to experience a tidal wave of color blasts. And the fun doesn’t stop there as there were party, entertainment, and prizes for the attendees. Proceeds go to the MVP Sports Foundation.

I registered at RNNR store in Alabang Town Center a week before the January 19 event (fortunately there were still slots available) and I got my race bib and receipt. the registration costed Php 500 for Smart subscribers and Php 600 for non-Smart subscribers. I always reminded myself not to lose them out of sight (kahit sa pagtulog at pagligo bitbit ko sila, char lang). I was a bit nervous since I would go there alone and I didn’t know how to go to Nuvali by myself. I researched and asked directions from my friends. It was like Amazing Race sans Phil Keoghan and the clue envelopes while heading to Nuvali. I was wondering the whole time thinking if I was going the right way. Good thing there were few passengers who were wearing white-shirt and I overheard them talking about the event. After an hour of jeepney-and-tricycle ride I arrived there just in time.

(A funny observation from my friend. ‘New’ + ‘Balibago’ = Nuvali. Get it?)

I got there and saw huge crowd in white outfits. It was like Mecca of fun run. I headed to the registration tents, got my promised shirt (I took the wrong size. Kelan ba ako matututong ‘medium’ size na ako?), and shades and then changed. While waiting for further instructions, I walked around and took photos. By the way, thanks to Patty Guanlao for lending me her camera. Being there among the excited crowd gave me already the spirit of celebration although sometimes I wished I brought someone. But anyway…

Warning: lots of photos ahead.


Sunshine as bright as my smile. Or bright like a diamond. Char. Thank God the weather was good although there were times I thought it would rain.


The event brought people from all walks of life: men, women, in between, young or feeling bagets, may ngipin o wala, may pera, walang pera, or mukhang pera. And bringing costumes or accessories was encouraged like this couple who were wearing Minnie Mouse bows. Kung malakas loob ko eh di nagsuot ako ng Lady Gaga costume.


Crowd were divided into 3 waves for order and safety. I chose to be part of the 3rd/last wave since I wanted to see first how it happens.


Color powder used for the event are proven to be safe and can be easily clean off. If I’m not mistaken, the powder is made of cornstarch added with color which confirms it’s even edible. Pwedeng gawin rainbow polvoron. Chos.

Ready. Get set. Live more!


Almost zero visibility. Not safe for those allergic and asthmatic. At least we got free face ‘colorful’ powder.


Passing by the One and Two Evotech before our first kilometer station (I discovered that it’s nice to hang out there. The place is full of stores and restaurants. I’mma go there sometime, with or without a date. Char.).


Each kilometer had an assigned color. For the 1st one, it was green. We were greeted by marshals and blasted with green color powder. It felt like a baptism of Crayola.


Of course you need to bring your cameras to capture fun moments. And I mean cameras with protective cover to avoid letting the powder get inside. I wrapped mine with a clear plastic.


Next station: Orange station at the East Nature Reserve. From a distance it looked like there was a huge powdered orange juice spill.


At this point only few attempted to run and just enjoyed walking while being bombarded with colors. Me? I was walking like Jesus.


No one escaped the merciless powder blasts from the marshals. It was fun though.


3rd station: Pink Station located at the U-turn of Nuvali Boulevard. One of my favorite parts. Everyone was so gay. No pun intended.


Here runners can lie freely on the ground (it even had matress) and have their photos taken. If I could stay there forever I would do it.


People there stopped for a while and enjoyed the time. They seized the time to relax, laugh with fellow runners, and gamely pose for snapshots.


At this point many were asking me if I can take photos for them. Eh sino ba naman ako para tumanggi lalo na pag mga chix ang kukuhanan ko? Char.


Down the Pink Lane. 2 kilometers to go. And not dehydrated yet (drinking water stations along with medic center were provided at each station).


The downside of going to an event alone: no one will take photos of yourself unless you have a tripod or you have a supernatural power. I politely asked the event marshals if they can take a photo of me. Thank God for the universal understanding of point-and-shoot.


The family that runs together, burn calories faster.


4th station: Yellow station located along Nuvali Boulevard. Another favorite area.


I didn’t know that only humans were allowed to join. You can tell the dog was enjoying. I speak the animal language because I come from the Animal Planet.



Volunteers from the Yellow station. I salute them for their patience and hard work. And I am sure they did enjoy too.


Each station had its own gimmick. Here at the Yellow Station, runners can play basketball to earn free color packets. I got a free sample from the Green Station by taking the crawl challenge.


I think they came from a certain tribe in Africa where they worship the goddess of sulfur.


Unity through diversity. I told you, I became an instant event photographer.


Yellow fever!


Last station: blue station. The last kilometer. Just before I arrived to the last station, I felt like running back and experience the colors again.


No photo manipulation. The grass was entirely covered with blue powder. They looked like they were in another planet. I wish I had done it also. Sayang.


Water sprinklers set at the finish line. There were also powder blasting stations and shower areas at the base camp for the participants.


I ended up messy but I was able to finish the 5 km ‘run’ (I didn’t mind how long did I make it). Good job, Toney! Also loot bags were given for those who finished the run. It contained the medal, free color packet, a flyer, and a free Smart sim card.




As I have told you, the celebration was not yet over. The field was full of games and treats like inflatable booths, on-the-spot graffiti painting, photobooth, and registration area for raffle draw of amazing prizes like iPhone5 (which I was discouraged to do since the line was LOOONGGGG. as inh ataw sa takliya).


The crowd went wild (but not me) when Derek Ramsey, one of TV5 stars and Smart endorsers, came on stage and threw his testosterone-loaded shirt. I bet whoever caught it will laminate it.



Of course the event would not be complete without live entertainment courtesy of special musical guests like Spongecola. Frontman Yael Yuzon gamely colored himself blue to be with the crowd. I wonder if his choice of color has something to do with being an Atenean. Crowd sang along with Spongecola’s hits like Tuliro, Bitiw, and the classic Jeepney.


Hala sige, samantalahin ang mga saku-sakong pulbo. Kung pwede lang isupot at iuwi sa bahay ginawa ko na. Char. At least I got 2 sample sachets which I can share to my younger sister and pamangkins.







And the colorful crowd continued the fun throughout the night. I had to leave early because I did only commute there (the longer I stay, the harder for me to look for a public transportation) and suddenly I got a migrane (worst feeling ever). But before heading home I cleaned up myself, changed clothes, and stopped by the Evotech and had an Angus burger with nice onion rings dinner at Brothers’ Burgers. I took a tricycle ride and got off at a mall then rode a van heading to Festival Mall in Alabang.

I think I don’t need further recommendation except that I suggest you bring your family or friends in this kind of experience. There’s something about the colors that makes me feel like a kid again. There was so much positive energy in the colorful air and it was infectious. I am looking forward to another event like this in the future. Maybe a different kind of fun run (ie. hopping on one leg, wearing high heels, or being chased by angry dogs. Joke.) And I am sure at that time I have already companions. 🙂

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!




PS. I did my own laundry for my stained clothes. I didn’t wanna shock and challenge my Mom. Zonrox saved my day. But the next day, my left leg suddenly hurt. I remember: I didn’t do warm ups before I ran. Learn your lesson, Toney.


3 thoughts on “Smart Live More Run

  1. luke ay nagsasabing:

    ang saya saya naman

  2. Zellene Guanlao ay nagsasabing:

    Ang saya Kuya Toney! Experiencing the Holi Festival of Colors is on my bucket list. Kung alam ko laang, susugod ako dyan. Makikirun lang kahit di nagregister. Chos! :))

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