Finding Noemi


Enero 11, 2012 ni theairprince

Oo, hindi ka namamalimata. Hindi ako na-wrong spelling. What you read is correct. It’s Finding Noemi.


January 6. Friday morning. A schoolmate of mine was on the way to school on her own for her enrollment. It was a typical day until her family and friends felt something wrong. They weren’t able to contact the girl anymore.

I learned the news from one of her blockmates. Even if I barely know about this girl, I also became shocked. Schoolmate ko rin kasi. Her cousin also posted a photo with some information regarding what happened. The concerns grew few hours ago, even reaching the attention of the entire school community. I even tried to post the info on Twitter and tweeted some celebrities if they could RT (retweet) the plea. The next day, she was declared missing.

Days passed and it seemed that Noemi Lagman was still not seen. We never heard anything regarding her whereabouts.  The appeals were constantly shared and retweeted, even gaining a trending spot in some sites. Mayor Bernabe of Parañaque City and the authorities also acted in search of Noemi. Her family, friends, and some concerned citizens were tirelessly vigilant and were praying that she should be found safely as soon as possible.

January 10. Wednesday, 11:10 PM. Her father issued an update on Facebook. Noemi was already been found and was with her family.  He acknowledged everyone who helped in spreading the info on Facebook. Due to the authorities’ advice, Mr. Lagman asked for understanding and privacy about the details of how and where she was found yet he shared how exhausting and emotionally tiring , to quote the “longest 100 hours of their lives”, in searching his daughter. He ended his statement with a piece of advice telling us to love our families unconditionally because it matters most.

For more details, click the related article here.


Here are my thoughts:

As I have said, I barely know Ms. Noemi Lagman. Hindi ko siya kilala totally and personally. Naririnig ko yung pangalan niya at if I’m not mistaken, she retweeted one of my tweets in the past. All I know is we have the same course (AB Multimedia Arts), that she is in her senior year at college, and I know some of her blockmates. But what happened to her prompted me to simply help. Regardless of how we know each other, a person who is missing is a person who needs our help.

Social media played a huge role in Noemi’s case. Naaalala niyo pa ba yung kaso ni Lola Auring at ang kanyang nawawalang asawa last year? Both of them reunited thanks to the support and effort of people who used social media sites as a tool to help find her husband. A simple act of sharing the photo and/or retweeting had brought awareness to the community. Malaking bagay ang pagpapakalat ng panawagan; the only resources that we need aside the internet are a short amount of time, willingness, and effort to help.

As I quote a good friend of mine Ms. Justine Roce, “In the case of Noemi Lagman, let us not forget the human component in finding her. The police and we internet folk had a hand in this. +1 for the human race!” We should be proud of this achievement. Nang dahil sa walang-tigil na pasheshare ay nagawa nating makita at makapiling ng kanyang pamilya si Noemi.

Tulad niyo rin, napapa-isip ako kung ano ba talaga ang nangyari kay Noemi, kung papaano at saan siya nakita at nahanap. But we should respect the decision of her family. I believe they have the right to keep it confidential for important reasons. Ang mahalaga ay buhay siya at kapiling na niya ang kanyang kaanak. Also, let’s give her and her family a time to recover for what had happen to them.

To someone who was criticizing  me during the course of finding Noemi, just to let you know I didn’t acted for my own interest at all. Nagpaparinig ka at sinasabing nakikisawsaw ako sa issue para lang sumikat. Well, it’s not my fault if I have lots of connections. I used what you claim my ‘popularity’ to help, not the other way around. So I hope this will make you shut up.

May mga usap-usapin na kumakalat about what really happened to the point na everyone seems to be overjudging. Read the comments on Yahoo! Philippines’ report (above) and I’m sure you’ll be shocked. Too much prejudice, too much name calling. Some even cited she only did that to gain fame and be thrown with stones. Even if hindi ko kilala masyado si Noemi, I felt the urge to step up and defend her right. Kagaya ng nakararami ay maraming katanungan ako pero hindi ko kailangan insultuhin ang pagkatao ng isang nawawala para lang masagot ang mga tanong. Given with a small amount of info, let’s just analyze it by ourselves and learn something from it. Kung may tamang pag-iisip tayo at aware tayo na mayroon tayong ganoon, gamitin natin. Kung siya ay kinidnap or may masamang nagyari, tayo’y mag-ingat para hindi matulad sa sinapit niya. Kung siya’y naglayas at may tampuhang nagaganap, mahalaga ay naiparamdam natin kay Noemi na may mga nag-aalala sa kanya at dapat ay hindi na maulit pa. At sinasabing it was such a waste of effort and time? It might be if we’re too narrow-minded and not compassionate but for her family, friends, and to all who are concerned, it was a test of love and a matter of wakeup call for them.

What made me more uncomfortable is some people are too demanding that they owe the family an explanation. Naging utang na loob pa nila.

Dinakip o naglayas, iisa lang naman ang ibig sabihin. May nawawala. At ang nawawala ay dapat makita.

Sa nangyari, isa pa ang napatunayan ko. God is really good. He never failed us. He answered our prayers. I am wishing that God gave us the gifts of patience and understanding during the crisis, whether you’re involved or not involved. Nagdasal tayo na sana ay makapiling na ni Noemi ang kanyang pamilya kaya marapat lang tayo’y manalingin muli para pasalamatan ang Panginoon. To those who are in doubt and still criticizing what happened, I hope the Lord will guide you.
I hope we learned a great deal of lesson from what happened. God bless us all. Alleluiah!

ITAAS ANG MGA PUTING PANYO! (Ok, pwede na yata ako maging pari. Haha! Pinapatawa ko lang kayo dahil naging seryoso tayon dito. Be happy.) 😀

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!

P.S. Lastly, I advice everyone especially students never bring a huge amount of money for enrolment while commuting. Bring check or use ATM/credit card instead. Or be accompanied by your parents while going to school.


One thought on “Finding Noemi

  1. Bagotilyo ay nagsasabing:

    buti naman at nakita din si noemi 😀

    tama ka ang bottomline nito ay may nawawala at ang mga nawaala ay dapat matagpuan 🙂

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