Dye Another Day

Mag-iwan ng puna

Setyembre 16, 2012 ni theairprince

Are you familiar with America’s Next Top Model episodes wherein the contestants undergo hair makeovers? I had my own experience a while ago and luckily I didn’t weep tears and cried ‘Oh no, not my hair!’. In fact, I found my renewed confidence. I can totally rock this new look! Tyra should award me the Top Model spot!

Out of curiosity, I decided to have a different hair color. Forget the tattoo or the piercing on any body parts (but I am still negotiating with myself whether I will get my ear pierced or not) . I had been planning to dye my hair for so long and when I finally had the fund and guts to do it, I headed to Tony & Jackey’s Salon – Festival Supermall branch in Alabang.

Why Tony & Jackey’s? Not because it has my name (Remember, I have an ‘e’ on my name). I used to have a haircut at Fix Salon but one time they couldn’t accommodate me due to pending customers. Then I passed by this Korean salon and surprised there were few people waiting inside. I walked in and reviewed their services. P 300 for men’s haircut. Not bad. So availed a haircut and the rest is cutting history.

And then I decided to dye my hair from their salon too. The hair color treatment costs P 1200 (inclusive of haircut for men). Choosing the color was a tough decision. It was like picking crayons and you can’t select one because they were all so cool. Upon the hairstylist’s recommendation (BTW, his name is Eric. He is nice and friendly but sometimes we have communication issues because of some of his problems with English word pronunciations. Need an interpreter? Joke.) he thought shades of brown would do. Thank God Eric didn’t offered me fifty shades of gray.

But the more specific his suggestions were, it became harder for me. Maybe because it was my first time. But I clarified to him that I just wanted to have a different but not too drastic color, or else my dad would kill me. In the end, we settled for Ash Brown.

One of the things that worried me was the products they would put on my hair. Going back to ANTM episodes of makeovers, few girls dealt with pain during the treatment. I guess ‘pain is beauty’ (or baliktad ata). Chemicals may sting and cause burning sensations. Who wants to have a burned scalp? But Eric together with his assistants promised me it would be alright. It may sting a bit but not that too strong to make me scream the hell out of me. While they were applying the color, it felt like just a shampoo, only pungent. Luckily, I didn’t feel any major burn and my scalp were still intact. Phew.

After neck-stiffing minutes of combing the product on my hair, the girl assistant put some clear plastic wrap on my head to continue the dye activation. It looks like a hair marination. I tried to observe my hair and I could see little changes. After another minutes of washing my hair and side sales-talking of hair wax (Miss, binubudul-budol mo lang ako. Wag mo akong charotin.), I got a new hair color! Awesome color! I felt like a supermodel. Charaught.

Of course, usual haircut proceeded and Eric even gave me a short lecture on how to use hair wax properly. I was not doing it properly. You only need a pea-size amount to achieve a nice hairdo. Kaya ang hirap shampunin afterwards eh.

This guy resembles intoxicated Jimmy Neutron.

Waiting for the transformation. DND. I am in deep concentration!

And here you go! New look! Straight from the oven!

Dye Another Day ©theairprince

And here’s the finished product!

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!


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