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Disyembre 20, 2011 ni theairprince

I am an America’s Next Top Model addict. There’s no doubt about that. Tell me something about the show and we will have a great conversation. At pwede pa tayo magkaroon ng ‘smizing’ (smiling with your eyes) at ‘H2T’ (heat to toe posing) showdown. 🙂

I discovered the show from my former boss of a school magazine way back in college. That was summer of 2006. I didn’t have any interests in reality shows before, even American Idol failed me to entice me. But when he told me about ANTM Cycle 4 which was being aired on ETC. After watching an episode (I think it was the episode with the Horoscope-inspired photoshoot), I instantly got hooked. Besides fashion and drama(?), I particularly pay attention on the photoshoots: on how the lighting works, wardrobes, locations, hair and makeup, posing, direction… everything about photo production. If it wasn’t for Tyra Bank’s syndicated modeling reality TV show, I won’t be interested in photography and fashion.

So basically the premise of the show is to find a set of girls across the US then every week they will undergo model training basics (ie. runway challenges and photoshoots). Every episode, a girl gets eliminated until one girl remains and eventually becomes America’s Next Top Model. 17 seasons or ‘cycles’ have passed since 2003 and it attracted a large audience market, created a huge fan base, produced 17 winners, and is being localized to more than 50 countries worldwide. On its 8 years span, ANTM continues to inspire and sometimes raise someone’s eyebrow. They are currently filming Cycle 18.

And now may I introduce you to the 17 winners of America’s Next Top Model…

Adrianne Curry, Cycle 1

The first winner of ANTM, Adrianne is best known for her daring and spunky personality *insert tongue-out expression here*. She was not the girl-next-door beauty unlike the classy and conservative runner-up Shannon Stewart. Adrianne has the unconventional beauty that makes her stand out. On the other hand, my fave was Elyse Sewell who is currently booking more modeling opportunities than those two. Too bad the feud between Adrianne and Tyra Banks is still unsettled.

Yoanna House, Cycle 2

I think Yoanna is one of the most beautiful girls in ANTM history.  She has an ethereal and breath-taking face. If Cover Girl was already a sponsor during that time, I think she’d be a great CoverGirl. She is quirky but high fashion, flawless, and stylish. My favorites are her, April Wilkner, and Shandi Sullivan (the first dorky girl of Top Model).

Eva Pigford, Cycle 3

Before Nicole Fox became the petite cycle 13’s winner, Eva is the shortest winner in the history of ANTM (standing at 5′ 6.5″, Nicole is 5′ 7″). Despite her height, Eva’s beauty radiates and she has the best runway walk in the bunch. She is fierce and sassy and her personality shines through. Eva is the diva. My favorites in this cycle are her, Nicole Borud, Tocarra Jones, and Amanda Swafford.

Naima Mora, Cycle 4

Her cycle was my first exposure to ANTM. She was the quiet, shy but fierce-looking girl who sports the mohawk. Naima did fair on photoshoots but during the finale, she owned the runway. My bet was Kahlen Rondot (runner-up) since she produced much stellar photos during the competition yet Naima redeemed herself on the final runway challenge. I think both girls deserves to win. My faves besides the final 2 girls are Rebecca Epley, Christina Murphy, and Brittany Brower.

Nicole Linkletter, Cycle 5

I never thought that girls who are sweet, romantic, and babyfaced can be high fashion. Nicole proved that during cycle 5. She fought till the end against Nik Pace (runner-up) who was also one of the strong contenders for the top model spot. Both of them produced stellar photos but Nicole’s gradual improvement, versatility and fierce final runway walk made her won the competition. Fave contestants: Nicole, Nik, Lisa D’ Amato, and Kim Stolz.

Danielle Evans, Cycle 6

Danielle and Joanie Dodds (runner-up) are the strongest girls in cycle 6 and arguably one of the best final 2 contestants in Top Model history.  It was really hard to choose who would be the winner since both of them were consistently delivering stellar photos and have unique personalities. Joanie is all-American girl while Danielle has the Black girl glamour. But in the end, Danielle won because of her presence and drive. Aside from the final two, I love Jade Cole (even if she’s a bitch, I still love her), Sara Albert, and Mollie Sue Gondi.

Caridee English, Cycle 7

Cycle 7 is one of my favorite cycles of all time. Best set of girls. Best photoshoots. Best winner. The first-ever natural blonde winner, Caridee wowed us with her classic glamour look and fun/outgoing personality despite sometimes being too loud. She resembles Rebecca Romjin (remember Mystique from X-men? Skip the costume and you’ll get what I mean). She produced best photos throughout the competition. Another best final 2, both Caridee and Melrose Bickerstaff  fought till the end but Caridee has extra something than Melrose (and Melrose was kinda arrogant and bitchy). Caridee further inspires us with her unique story about her psoriasis that she thought it would hinder her dream to become a model.

Jaslene Gonzalez, Cycle 8

Who would have ever thought that the ChaCha Diva who was just a semi-finalist on Cycle 7 would eventually become next season’s winner? Jaslene brought flavor to the competition with her Latina vibe and beauty. She never placed in the bottom two throughout the competition. Jaslene and Natasha Galkina who was another contestant with another heritage (she is Russian) became the final two girls. For me it was really hard to choose from one of them since they did remarkable performances and they were so beautiful in their own unique ways. But the judges applauded Jaslene’s overall consistent performance.

Saleisha Stowers, Cycle 9

Personally, she’s my least fave winner. She may have the strongest walk from the bunch (her final runway performance proved it) and was able to take striking photos but I could relate to Chantal Jones (runner-up) more than her. Chantal oozes more high fashion appeal than Saleisha in my opinion. And her winning caused a huge uproar due to the surrounding issues concerning her eligibility to join ANTM. Nonetheless, I think Chantal booked more jobs than the actual winner. My other faves from this cycle were Lisa Jackson, Jenah Doucette, and Heather Kuzmich (the contestant who suffers from Asperger Syndrome and ADHD).

Whitney Thompson, Cycle 10

The first plus-sized winner of Top Model… or ‘full-figured’ just like what Tyra had said. Cycle 10 is one of the cycles that has best set of girls and has creative photoshoots. Anyone can be the winner until the competition got thicker. I was rooting for Katarzyna Dolinska and Anya Kop to be the final 2 but the show seemed to gear towards achieving the first plus-sized winner. Anya and Katarzyna have high fashion appeal. On the other hand, Whitney’s figure didn’t become a hindrance on achieving the title. Her winning became an inspiration to young girls. And it just proves that ham can be sexy.

McKey Sullivan, Cycle 11

Cycle 11 has the most diverse girls in terms of looks. It seemed that they come from different races (French, Russian, Black, Latin, Asian, etc). I didn’t notice McKey that much during the first few episodes of Cycle 11 until my initial bets, Elina Ivanova, Lauren Brie Harding, and Analeigh Tipton, started to dwindle in the competition. On the other, Samantha Potter’s runner-up finish was unexpected. McKey is the second winner that didn’t appear at the bottom 2 due to her stellar photos yet I think she needs to practice more on her walk.

Teyona Anderson, Cycle 12

Another ANTM vocabulary was born: ‘wind in the face’, thanks to cycle 12 winner Teyona’s long face structure or like a tunnel-vision look. She has an athletic+high fashion appeal that can book her jobs. Despite her stiff final runway walk, judges picked  her over Allison Harvard (runner-up) because of her versatile creative portfolio and deemed true personality. I like Teyona but I love Allison more. Allison is weird but awkward and had an outstanding transformation that made her win the hearts of the viewers.

Nicole Fox, Cycle 13

It is the first in Top Model history to cast contestants who are 5’7″ tall and below. But no matter how short they are, the rules of the game stay the same (Wow it rhymes!). And it was “Bloody Eyeball” Nicole Fox who topped the petite cycle. She has a weird and dorky exterior but with a haute couture edge. She reminds me of Alice Burdue (Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 winner). Southern sweet girl Laura Kirkpatrick became the runner-up, another tough competitor. I must say that those two finalists are also one of the best finalists in Top Model.

Krista White, Cycle 14

At the release of promo for Cycle 14, it was too hard to predict who was going to win. All girls were unique and had potential. And ow, Angelea Preston (a semifinalist from Cycle 12) returned as a finalist. At the end, then 25 years old Krista won America’s Next Top Model. She was praised for her edgy but sophisticated high fashion appeal that is marketable. Though her chocolate-skinned ugly-pretty beauty and angular Vogue-ish look, I dislike her dead eyes as well as her attitude. That’s why I prefer Raina Hein (runner-up) who is nicer and has smizing eyes.

Ann Ward, Cycle 15

Cycle 15 was revamped to look more high fashion with the changes of some prize sponsors: representation with IMG models and Vogue Italia spreads and a cover/spread in Beauty in Vogue. 6′ 2″ tall Ann is the 15th winner of ANTM, making her the tallest and thinnest winner so far (the latter description made a huge uproar because of Tyra’s misunderstood soundbite from one of the promos). Not only that, Ann earned the highest number of first call outs in Top Model history (a total of 6, 5 of them were consecutive). However she was deemed shy and insecure despite her awkwardly waif beauty. She had troubles with CoverGirl commercials and runway walk but managed to improve till the end. My initial bets were Kayla Ferrel (the lesbian chic) and Jane Randall (the Ivy League model) since I was expecting Ann will break down soon. I finally liked Ann during the finale.

Brittani Kline, Cycle 16

This is the only cycle that didn’t have casting call episode. Another cycle full of beautiful girls with lots of potential. But it was Brittani who beated the other 13 girls. Though my heart was on Molly O’ Connell (runner-up to Brittani), ANTM cycle 16’s winner is a serious strong contender even if she was caught in a fight with Alexandria Everett, another contestant and also a finalist. Both have strong bodies of work but Brittani won due to her strong walk and romantic charm. In the end, I find both of them great and can have a successful career. And yes, this cycle also featured Michael Cinco, our kababayan/famous designer base din Dubai, who provided gowns made from recycled stuff on one episode.

and now, presenting the recent winner…

Lisa D’Amato, Cycle 17: All-Stars

The 17th edition of America’s Next Top Model brought back some of the girls from some past cycles who made a huge impact and drama(?). Huge disappointment when Jade Cole (cycle 6 finalist) wasn’t included in the cast. As usual, what can you expect from bringing back some Top Model divas and girls with big personalities (and egos?) in the house? Total drama! Lisa D’Amato of Cycle 5 became the All-Stars winner, beating Allison Harvard who is deemed the fan favorite. There are speculations that Angelea Preston was the original winner and she allegedly spilled some info that’s why she got disqualified. I was rooting for Dominique Reighard (from cycle 10) because I felt she evolved into a mature model, unlike what she used to be during her cycle. After Dominique got booted out, my top 3 became Allison-Lisa-Laura. I can like Angelea  if only she can tame her abrasive and diva attitude.

So there you have it. Brace up for Cycle 18 this coming Spring of 2012!

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!

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