America’s Next Top Musician?


Nobyembre 8, 2011 ni theairprince

Sabi nga ni Tyra Banks, after Cycle 16, next seasons will never be the same. And it did manifest on All Stars cycle.

Episode 8 was about contestants asked to write a song about their own lives and then make music videos. Music video for a modeling competition? I have mixed feelings about this. I had doubts about the outcome and even the relevance of the challenge to the main premise of the competition. Pero for the sake of entertainment (since it’s a reality show in the first place), pinagbigyan ko na ang sarili ko.

Lisa D’Amato’s “I Like Be Whoa!”

Advantage ni Lisa ang challenge since she is already known for her music during post-ANTM career before she was included in All Stars cast. As expected, from writing the song to shooting the music video, Lisa nailed it. Napa ‘whoa’ ako. I’m picky on rap songs dahil hindi naman ako hip-hop person pero I like her song and performance. Bilib ako sa creativity niya on writing songs. Mahirap magsulat ng rap content ah.  Her voice reminds me of Pink. If ever hindi manalo si Lisa (pero malaking chance na manalo siya), I’m sure she still has music industry to fulfill her dreams.

Bagay’ tong kanta sa may mga loud personality, sa mahihilig sa rap music, at sa mga wild.

Dominique Reighard’s “Tooch Ya Booty”

Eto hindi ko ineexpect. I agree with what Game (the guest judge and director of the music videos) had said to Dominique. She has J. Lo. + Beyonce’s vibe, hence, binansagan siyang Jeyonce. I love the lyrics of her song. It might be too vain pero it works on her. Plus, she looks good on her music video. She reminds me of Shakira based on her looks. Naaalala ko pa when I was so upset to her during her cycle (cycle 10) dahil she was the resident bitch. Pero now it changed in fact she might be the dark horse of the competition.

Bagay’ tong kanta sa mga attention seekers, matatambok ang pwet, at sa mga Cover Girl consumers.

Allison Harvard’s “Underwater”

And here comes Creepy Chan. Prior to the music video shoot, she struggled during the song writing challenge because she admits it’s not her cup of tea. But after some words of encouragement and support, it turned out not as I was expecting. Akala ko magiging downfall ni Allison itong episode. Judging on the song, it sounds like a ethereal but mysterious nursery rhyme. Brother… Sister… Mother… Father… Underwater… But the story behind the lyrics was about the tragic death of her father a year ago. Creepy pero it worked on her. And when the music video shoot came, it was a piece of cake. AND HER EYES WERE HAUNTING! Parang siyang Russian doll. Game even commended her weirdness as beautiful and unique at tila nagkakacrush siya sa kanya. Allison’s song reminds me of Enya + Bjork + Lenka + with a touch of krung krung Sandara Park.

Bagay’ tong kanta sa mga weird, creepy, at may lahi ng manika at kuwago.

Shannon Stewart’s “World Go Round”

I admit gusto ko rin yung kanta niya. Pure, sweet, at romantic. Her song was about her husband. Maganda yung pagkakasulat ng lyrics. She has a Faith Hill vibe. Simple lang yung music video setup sa kanya (tela tela lang) pero it worked pretty good. What’s weird is that she looks like a Victoria’s Secret Angel pero due to her Christian belief, she doesn’t like posing while wearing underwear. Gaga rin to. Nakakapagsuot ng bikini pero underwear hindi.

Bagay’ tong kanta sa mga in love sa boyfriend/asawa at mahilig sa ‘fairy tale romance’. Romance pocket books ala Precious Heart also count.

Laura Kirkpatrick’s “Southern Sweet Girl”

Gusto ko si Laura since her cycle (cycle 13) pero I found her cheesy on her music video. Ewan ko pero I feel weird (not in a good way). May pagka Taylor Swift yung dating niya. Pero parang ngongo yung boses niya or parang lasing. Kidding aside, the lyrics of the song is good naman. The concept of the music video about being a Southern sweet girl is kinda cheesy (parang 90s lang) and very limiting. Plus, have you noticed her feet? Parang madumi. Sorry, Laura. Bawi na lang next time.

Bagay’ tong kanta sa mga pa-gurl, sa mga mahilig kay Taylor Swift/Selena Gomez/Myley Cyrus, at sa mahihilig sa stuffed toys at diary.

Angelea Preston’s “I’m Here”

After listening to this song, sasang-ayon kayo sa akin na may pagka-Mary J. Blige ang boses ni Angelea. Gusto ko yung song niya. It really speaks about her story of struggle and how she deals with it. Song of confidence and fight. Ramdam mo yung galit ni Angelea. But unlike her song, medyo di ko type yung music video niya. Though she looked great (diva kung diva), ang kulit niya gumalaw na parang kiti-kiti. And like Laura’s, very limited yung music video niya. San naging kasing astig ng song yung performance niya sa shoot.

Bagay’ tong kanta sa mga nagdidiva-divahan, sa mga nanghahamon ng away, at sa mga nakabangon sa mga problema. Game bitch on *snap snap fingers*.

Alexandria Everett’s “Go, Go, Go…”

Actually, gusto ko yung timbre ng boses ni Alexandria. Parang si Sophie Elis Bextor. And hindi ko inaasahang magaling din siyang kumanta. Ewan ko pero I like her voice. Gusto ko rin yung kanta niya. Maganda yung lyrics. Pwede siya sa mga clubs. Chill kung chill. What I don’t like is her music video. It’s too painful to watch. I agree with the remarks: ang stiff niya gumalaw. Or dahil wrong direction? Siguro kung iba ang binigay sa kanya na direction, pwede pa bumawi si Alexandria. Oo nga naman… Go, go, go pero I didn’t feel the movement. Kung sana nakasakay siya sa kotse habang umaandar (I know it’ll be too impossible since they only shot it inside a studio/warehouse) or setup ay inside a club. And di ko trip yung styling sa kanya. Nagmukha siyang matanda. Poor Alexandria.

Bagay’ tong kanta sa mga mahihilig sa club, sa car lovers, at sa mga on-the-go lagi.

Ang masasabi ko lang about this episode ay:

  • I hate to say this pero epal si Tyra Banks. Give the contestants their own time and space. Moment nila yun, huwag na sumingit. Hindi ba sapat na show mo na yan? I found that unnecessary.
  • Pot Ledom? I find it corny.
  • Some of the music videos are limiting. Example: Angelea, Laura, and Alexandria. Kasalanan ‘to ng production team.
  • As expected, paabor kay Lisa ang episode.
  • Kung hindi palarin sa modeling industry, I think Alexandria and Dominique can make it to the music industry.
  • Sana magrelease ng extended version ng single ni Allison! Hindi matanggal sa utak ko ang lyrics!
Excited to see them at Greece on next episode! Oppa!

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!


One thought on “America’s Next Top Musician?

  1. jeniffer ay nagsasabing:

    wooh.. kaw ah mhilig k manood ng sexy… hehe… but i miss watching ANTM…

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