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Agosto 24, 2011 ni theairprince

Anniversary na pala ng nakakagimbal na August 23, 2010 Manila Hostage Crisis. Di ko makakalimutan iyon. Nandito lang ako sa bahay, nakatunganga lang sa Facebook, nang biglang nabalitaan ko na lang sa mga news feed posts pati na rin sa mga balita sa TV. Nakakatakot. Pero hindi kapani-paniwala ang mga pangyayari pagsapit ng gabi. Nauwi sa karumal-dumal na krimen.

At dahil sa nangyari, paghihinagpis at galit ang nadama ng mga pamilya, kamag-anak ng mga biktima hanggang sa umabot na sa national scale. Ang masaklap, napunta sa sisihan at pag-iinsulto sa pagitan ng Pilipinas at Hong Kong.

Hindi ko natiis. Idinaan ko na lang sa simpleng sulat noon ang aking saloobin…


August 26, 2010. Thursday. Via Facebook.

Dear Hong Kong and the Philippines (and whoever reads this):

To whoever demands justice: I firmly believe that justice should not be taken selfishly. Even if some of your fellowmen are killed here in our country, are you sure that we  favored it? Are you sure that everyone LIKED it? Only the stone-hearted and stupid ones will appreciate the bloodshed of those innocent people.

HK people, we feel your great sadness and rage. Nobody wanted this to happen in the first place. Imagine one fine Monday morning while most of us, here and in your country, are busy with our own lives, but suddenly things messed up. I believe this is an ISOLATED CASE, and somehow the succeeding events made it worse. We understand you and we feel the same thing. But it is just unfair for some of you are name calling us: monkeys, home of criminals, pigs, uneducated, and other unimaginable and hurtful remarks. Mostly we, Filipinos, have nothing to do there in the first place. We are putting our efforts to make peace and share the sympathy to the victims as well as the affected families. But some of you are firing things up. Before you throw stones to us, think first. Does your anger contribute to the resolution? Only the demons would agree.

For my fellow Filipinos, I firmly stand on what our forefathers/former generations had taught us. I’m proud to be a Filipino because we’re one of the people who have the firm belief on moral values. We were taught on the values of respect, love, sincerity, and hope. And I think we must act as one to be part of the reconciliation. I might get negative feedbacks regarding this since we have nothing to do about it, that I am too idealistic, and we have no responsibility to say our apologies. But let’s think that it is our willingness to ease the pain that can somehow mend the wounds. And it wouldn’t hurt if we act in behalf of our country. Also, there are so much to blame right now. Blame the president, blame our police forces, blame the media, blame some of our insensitive fellowmen… but are we going to blame forever? Can we “stop throwing bricks but instead rebuilt what had been damaged”? Our selfishness and ignorance, not the crime, that kill us eternally.

Intelligence does not reside on a specific demographic and ethnographic entity. Chinese are wise, and so are Filipinos. I think intelligence is on a personal/individual responsibility and accountability. So if you believe you’re educated and wise enough, you probably think of something that will contribute to the solution of the problem, and will not resort to never-ending arguments of who’s right or wrong. We need dialogue and solutions, not confusion and hatred.

There is this saying that should be highlighted in situations like now: “If you are thrown a stone, throw back with a bread.”

Those who question the sincerity of those who apologize, if you are willing to understand, open-minded, and sympathetic, you would feel the genuine warmth. “Hug” us and you’ll feel the beat of our hearts.

Regarding the issue about security… Crime does not happen only in our country, the Philippines. Those hostage taking crisis can happen anywhere, everywhere, anytime, everytime. It may happen also in Hong Kong… even in the farthest and coldest place of the earth. So it is unbearable and unfair to learn the hasty generalization that our country is the worst place to go to. Are you sure of that? How about Iraq and Afghanistan? These so-called inhumane and unjust happenings don’t just reside on our motherland. Let us remember that the dirty fingers of crime lurk on every corner of this planet.

The police force and other authorities hold responsibilities. However, we must not rely our own lives on them… for it is our prime responsibility to take care of our own selves.

If we could just stop pointing fingers at one another but instead, join our palms to pray, this simple act of sincerity and selflessness can do no harm and can contribute to the restoration of peace, unity, and justice. And let us do remember that we, Chinese and Filipinos, came from a single root, that is, Asia.

*the Philippines H.U.G.S. Hong Kong (Hope, Unity, Goodness, Sincerity)*

— Toney Sevilla, a concerned Filipino citizen


Ako po ay nananalangin para sa hustisya at sana ay hindi na maulit ito muli.

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!


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