Support Orven Desembrana’s “Bullet Lag”


July 26, 2011 by theairprince

This unpaid advertisement is brought to you by Smart Bro. Joke haha!😀

I think ito ang kauna-unahang pagkakataong magpopost about someone’s entry to a contest. I believe my dear reader are very kind to help and support who I endorse. Ako na ang promoter. Kulang na lang maging PR person na ako😀.

Please support my fellow AB Multimedia Arts graduate and my friend from APC, Orven Desembrana, on his video entry on Skybroadband Life at 5mbps Promo. He submitted his entry entitled Bullet Lag. I can’t place the video here since WordPress doesn’t support the video script.

Here’s how:

1. Register first at Super dali unlike getting your NBI clearance😀
2. Then go here and click the CGE! button and leave a comment. It’s that simple as 1-2-3🙂

I hope you support him and his entry. Voting ends on August 7, 2011. You may share this info to your friends, relatives, classmates, officemates, frenemies, enemies, concubines, basta may accesss sa internet🙂 Let’s help him win an additional 1 mbps to his connection, joke😀 Salamat!

God bless to your entry, Orven🙂

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!

P.S. Ang mga susunod na vote support request from now on, may bayad na! LOL Pero di ako basta-basta nag-eendorse ng mga bagay-bagay. ME? Mag-eendorse ng ibang shampoo??? *in Kris Aquino’s accent*😀

2 thoughts on “Support Orven Desembrana’s “Bullet Lag”

  1. Thanks Toney! I shall be promoting your entries from now on. ;D

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