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Hulyo 25, 2011 ni theairprince

As part of my July 13 Hectic Wednesday schedule, eto ang isa pang event na pinuntahan ko: Bloggers Congress. It’s a half-day bloggers’ seminar made possible by De La Salle University and its student government’s Office of the Vice President for Internal Affairs. And no, walang kinalaman ang ating mga kongresista dito. It’s not my first time to attend a talk being held at DLSU. First one was the 4th Young Multimedia & Graphic Designers Summit last February this year. I’m somehow sure na parehas pa ng room (Room 1709 at Andrew Building). I learned about the bloggers’ seminar from David Guison, a sought-after fashion and photography blogger in the metro. He posted an invitation on his Facebook page and I commented that I was interested to attend (since it was open for non-DLSU… wait, I just realize that I am a former Archer. I transferred from DLSU pala hehe). So on that day, I went to work first, ate lunch at noon, then at around 1:30 PM, I left the office. Plano ko talaga umalis ng 12 noon kaso may pinahabol na fix up yung boss ko 🙂 I took an MRT ride from Buendia to EDSA Taft then an LRT ride to Vito Cruz. Nilakad ko na lang from the station to Andrew Building. Ayos lang, sight seeing naman and feeling student ako ulit :D. Ako pa mismo nakakita sa name ko sa list sa information desk. Kulang ata sa Beta Carotene si Kuya Guard :D. Then I headed to the venue. The usherette checked my name on the list again and she gave me a leaflet and a coupon for mini raffle game. Tapos pasok na ako sa room. Buti hindi pa naman nagi-start yung talk; nagpaparaffle muna yung organizers :).

Our1st speaker was Jill Bantang, the blogger behind The Food Scout. Nagsimula ang interest niya sa blogging when she realized that she wanted to share her food insights and experiences out of her usual foodtrips with her friends. Kwento pa niya, kadalasang hindi niya nauubos yung pagkain niya. Bagay kami: ako taga-ubos ng food niya. Joke 😀 She just don’t eat the food. Jill considers other factors (the place, service, ambience, cost, etc). 🙂 I love the tips she shared to us. She used an acronym B.L.O.G. which stands for Believe in yourself, Look for your interest, Organize your thoughts, and Go for it/Go lang ng go (with matching Venus Raj Major Major acclamation). Simple pero malaman, parang palaman sa sandwich (oha, food-related ang banat, aminin niyo na it works!).

Next speaker was travel blogger Nina Fuentes of Just Wandering. As her site says, she’s a girl who just loves to travel. Super swerte niya kasi most of her trips are free/sponsored (but she admitted that sometimes free things come with a price… eh dapat hindi pala ‘free’ ang tawag. Joke). Through her blog, she shares her personal travel accounts to the readers and to awaken their passion for travel. Free trips? Gising na gising na nga ang passion ko eh 😀 As a blogger, Nina tackled a bit about the business side of blogging particularly on handling sponsored trips (like selling your soul to the devilbut keeping the disclosure). She also stressed out the passion, freedom, and the responsibility of blogging. Just wander but make it interesting :). Sorry, no free plane tickets were given at the end of her talk 😀

For the fashion blog portion, 2 speakers were invited. Lissa Kahayon aka the Scene Stealer was the first one to step in front of us. By the way, she looks like Cristine Reyes :). Another alumni of DLSU just like Jill, Lissa had worked with Liz Uy (much like Rachel Zoe of the Philippines, or para sa showbiz fanatics, siya yung sikat na celebrity stylist at minsa’y na-link kay PNoy). She started her love for fashion blogging from browsing Chictopia (like Lookbook for girls). Now, she’s the one being browsed by fashionphiles :). She emphasized the passion for your interest as well as on blogging (paano ka nga magboblog kung wala kang passion?) and the patience that you need. What I like from her points was about dealing with your readers (your followers and haters), never compromising who you really are, and that blogging should not be a competition nor a way of being just popular/to attack someone. Bakit nga pala “Scene Stealer”? Imagine her wearing high heels while doing groceries. Fashionably unusual, isn’t it? There you go, kahit binasa mo pa lang, naagaw na attention mo :).

 Half of the fashion blogging talk was by David Guison (DG MNL). He’s currently studying at DLSU College of St. Benilde taking up AB Multimedia Arts, I think (whoah, we have the same course). I learned about him via Tumblr (I think it was one of Tricia Gosingtian’s post about a Forever 21 event). His fondness on fashion and photography made him start his blogging career. Now, David enjoys the perks and experiences of blogging by being invited to some society’s events (like this one), gracing the pages of magazines, being asked for expertise, and he is also one of the ambassadors to Forever 21 here in the Philippines. How cool is that! Super idol ko talaga si David :). First impression ko sa kanya was snob pero when he talked in front of us, parang madaling pakisamahan and he even crack some jokes. He shared his art of blogging approach: he infuses his creative/artistic knowledge and skills with fashion sensibility and personality. At dahil dyan, he earned a lot of followers. David also made us aware of the disadvantages of blogging: gaining haters, posers (he had one from Indonesia ata and siya pa napagkamalang poser haha), and the threats of getting hacked. I also liked his portfolio presentation since we come from a common background :).

I left the seminar when Lissa and David had a mini game wherein the attendees had the chance to dress up their models. Too bad I wasn’t able to hear THE Jason Magbanua because I had another event to catch up 😦 Di mo siya kilala? Then maybe you’re living under the rock. He is a popular wedding videographer, notable for candid and personal style approach on his projects. Sadly, kelangan kong umalis as soon as I could because my clubmates were expecting me (which is why why I don’t have any photos with them kasi yung meet-and-greet portion was on the last part of the program/kung kelan wala na ako). I’m sure Sir Jason had a fantastic talk during the Bloggers Congress.

Pero ganun pa man, maraming binigay na mga insights and tips ang guest speakers. Magwa-one year na ako as a blogger and mahaba pang panahon para mapausbong ‘tong blogsite ko (yung totoo, halaman?). Attending the seminar made me gain a lot of tips and advices and motivated me to be not just a blogger but a person who can inspire others. They may have different points but they agree on majority of things:

  • You must have the love for something before you can share it to others. Passion is the key.
  • Obviously, you must know how to write (hindi magsulat on papaer ah). It means you must know how to translate you thoughts into words. Have your own style in blogging. Make it interesting so readers will be entertained and can follow you eventually.
  • Of course, they all agree on responsible blogging. Never compromise your safety and privacy. Think before you say something.
  • You need patience to overcome the personal challenges in blogging as well as dealing with other people lalo na yung mga potential hater/critics mo.
  • Value your audience as they value your entries.
  • Lastly, don’t harass yourself. Have fun!

Thanks to David Guison for including me on the list kahit hindi kita na meet personally (hopefully, there’s another event that I can meet you and have a picture with you, idol). Salamat din sa mga organizers for having a helpful and fun event. BTW, funny nung isang girl na host, super kwela niya 😀

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!


4 thoughts on “DLSU Bloggers Congress

  1. The Food Scout ay nagsasabing:

    Your blog is so cute! Swak na swak! 🙂
    It shows your kalog and cute personality.
    Thank you for the appreciation!

    God bless 🙂

  2. nina ay nagsasabing:

    Free* siya! May asterisk nga lang lol

    Oh, and for the record, most of my trips between 2006 until now are still personally funded 😉

    • theairprince ay nagsasabing:

      Hahaha I still remember the GO TO DAM HELL thing :)) Yeah, it is free 😀 nga pala 😀 Anyway, super thanks for the tips you have given to us during the loggers congress, it really helped and made improvements 🙂 Oh, I forgot to indicate that 😀 Salamat din po Ms Nina, such an honor to have you here ^_^

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