Beauty Thoughts by Janica Buhain


Hulyo 6, 2011 ni theairprince

Ok, I think this is my first time to feature someone’s blog. It’s not just a blog. it’s a beauty blog. Kaya girls, feeling-girls, and boys who like pretty girls, check this out.

Janica, my schoolmate and friend, loves makeups. In fact, she’s a makeup artist. Kilala ko na siya since early last year pero hindi pa kami gaano close. I always see her at the school cafeteria or minsan nakakasalubong ko siya. I thought she was suplada and tahimik siya. Then I met her when I was scouting for a female contestant to represent our course for a college pageant. She was hesistant kaya I looked for someone else. Until I met her again, during a shoot of one of our school department’s pageant last year. She was one of the makeup artists of the shoot (ako naman yung isa sa photographers). This time, medyo nakakausap ko na siya. Hindi naman pala siya suplada. Masaya siya kausap and katrabaho. Ayun, hanggang sa pag nakakasalubong ko siya at pati sa Facebook, we always talk kahit saglit πŸ™‚

A fashion shoot by Francis Reyes. Lumolookbook ah.

This is one of the best shots of her I've seen. Photography by Bam, one of my fellow photographers and friend of mine. Sa isang banda, fashion chic. Here, grabe ang sexy talaga.

After a school pageant last year. Todo ngiti ako di ba? Kaw ba naman, katabi mo isang napakagandang dilag, di ba ka mapapangiti ng todo?

Being a fashion + beauty + pageant photographer, I work with different people. Aside from models, I interact with other people responsible for the production (hair/makeup artists, stylists, crew, etc). We usually make kwentuhan and kulitan on the set kaya after the shoot, we usually end up being friends. And that’s how I ended up knowing Janica :).

She wants to share her passion in makeup and beauty on her blog Beauty Thoughts. I’m a blog fan so I love visiting anyone’s blogs: whether about food, fashion, cartoons, tutorials, social commentaries, buhay-buhay, atbp. Kaya kahit about makeup, binabasa ko :D. Her site contains beauty tips and tutorials, product reviews, and the looks. Medyo konti pa lang yung entries but it’s promising. She has a potential kaya let’s support her πŸ™‚

And the best part is she uses herself as her model :). Having a beautiful woman demonstrating beauty tips and advises? What more can I ask for? πŸ˜€ (Uy, tuwa na si Janica haha!)

Her blogsite Beauty Thoughts screenshot. It really speaks about her personality: charming, sweet, girly, easy, breezy, beautiful... COVERGIRL! Joke.

She also has her own YouTube channel. Don’t forget to watch her makeup tutorials. What I like about her videos is that even if she doesn’t opt to speak, you still get it (with the help of subtitles and clear demonstration of how to do things step by step).

If you have questions and requests, you may e-mail her atΒ And sorry, she’s taken. And another thing, don’t play tricks with her kung ayaw niyo mabugbog ng boyfriend niyang kasing-taas ng Petronas. Joke, I’m just exaggerating).

God bless, Janica! Continue doing your thing and more beauty experiences to come πŸ™‚

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!


2 thoughts on “Beauty Thoughts by Janica Buhain

  1. promkingpromking ay nagsasabing:

    hahaha .astig. andami mo sigurong models na kakilala.

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