bond’s new music video “Diablo”

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Hulyo 5, 2011 ni theairprince

Dear my fellow bond fans, after ilang taon, here they are, with their new music video entitled Diablo from their 2011 album Play.

At di lang pala pop music ang sumusunod sa Illuminati trend and other shocks-it-does-sound-disturbing fashion, pati rin pala ang classical music. Title pa lang, kaduda-duda na. Joke :D.

Diablo is their carrier single for their 6th album containing 13 tracks. Ok, is that a coincidence or just playing with the idea of unlucky number? Anyway, nirelease na yung bagong album this last month sa Mexico and soon be available on other countries on September this year. I wonder bakit sa Mexico naunang nagrelease? Bakit, nandito rin naman sa Pilipinas ang Mexico ah? Nasa Pampanga nga eh. Haha!

By the way, I posted a related blog about bond’s new album preview.

Actually, nalaman ko yung announcement via Twitter. Sabi ko sa inyo, maraming updates sa Twitter. I follow Eos Chater, the 2nd violinist of the group and she tweeted this early morning about their new MV. I became super excited to watch it. Kaw ba naman, it’s been 8 years since they released a music video. Ako na ang atat na fan :).

The title scene. Ngayon ko lang nakita na may intro lable ang music video nila.

Finally, the girls.

Elspeth Hanson, the newest member, taking Tania Davis’ previous post as violist.

Eos Chater, the sultry talented violinist of bond. She reminds me of Kylie Minogue.

Gay Yee Westerhoff (promise, it’s her name), bond’s uber-sexy cellist. Puma-pout pa :D.

And Tania Davis, former violist and now violinist of the group, replacing Haylie Ecker, ang ‘babaeng tinanggalan ng buto’/ Shakira :D.

Lots of graphics. Supercomputers ata gamit nila para marender ito.

My favorite effect: shattered glass. I remember Emma Frost of X-Men: First Class.

2nd attire change. I noticed that they also used 2 sets of string instruments. I still have to confirm kung anong brand yung ginamit nila dun sa 1st sequence. As if bibili ako haha!

And my most favorite part: EOS SINGING! Pero di ko ma-take ang pronunciation ng Diablo: she says it like /DEE-yub-BLOW/. So British πŸ˜€

Parang magteteleport lang sila. Again, full of visual effects.

Gay Yee ending the video with a emotive shot. Tangos ng ilong :D.

After watching, I didn’t expect na ganun ang output ng music video. Comparing on their past videos, this is very different in terms of imagery and concept. Unlike Shine and Explosive which contains a story, this relied on images of girls while playing. Binawi sa visual special effects. Syempre, di mawawala ang sex appeal at fashion sa video. Bond always have it. Kung tutuusin, para akong nanunuod ng isang advertisement ng relo, kotse, or jewelry na nasa 3 minuter-format. But story-wise, I don’t get it. I was expecting of a darker and dramatic output, since the song is entitled “Diablo”. Sana they asked Lady Gaga for some help. Joke πŸ˜€

Why am I saying this? Probably because I’m already caught up with Haylie’s presence. Sa lahat ng previous videos nila at noong nasa bond pa si Haylie, she’s always the scene stealer. Kaw ba naman, iindak-indak ka habang natugtog ng violin. It take A LOT of skills to do that.

Not that great but not that bad. It’s fine for me. Ewan ko. As I have said, I’m still learning to like the song. Pero it’s better to have a new music video to watch than nothing :).

Share your thoughts about bond’s new MV. πŸ™‚

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!


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