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Hunyo 30, 2011 ni theairprince

Ok, enough of Lady Gaga, Taio Cruz, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars (not Bruno Earth, I’m sorry Ai-Ai pero ang corny talaga) and other mainstream music headliners. Time for some classical crossover mayhem.

The long wait is over… well, not for those living in Mexico :|.

(Pasensya na kung medyo straight English tayo ngayon dito sa blog entry ko, since this is a world topic and I might get some international readers. Last time, I posted about ANTM All Stars and I got major number of visitors on that particular post. Mind as well I do it on this. Wow, sikat. Joke.)

I was constantly refreshing my Facebook page and scooping some tweets on Twitter when someone posted an update of bond’s newest, the all-time all-female string quartet, finally released their 5th album entitled Play. Their last album Classified came on 2004 (I was still in my senior year high school).

The group went for a very long break that made fans cast doubts if they’re going to come back with a brand new album. Then Haylie Ecker, the first violinist, had left the group due to her pregnancy. The group lineup was changed: Tania Davis, the violist of the group, became the first violinist then Elspeth Hanson was introduced as the newest member as to replace Tania’s former post. Although the group were inactive, they still performed on special events and were even commissioned to a car advertisement in 2009. Last year at Llangollen International Eisteddfod festival, bond performed some of their songs plus 2 covers (which I was sure it would be included on their new album).

Luckily, the FB post by a fellow fan directed me to a fansite in Español. Good thing I can decipher some words since my native tongue, Filipino, has Spanish influence. I got to listen the preview track listings of Play and it made me so excited. I was like “Wow… Wow… OMG that’s cool… yeah… I-MUST-GET-THIS-ALBUM!”. Credits to Bondshine site :).

  1. Diablo written by Magnus Fiennes and Michael Lowley
  2. Jai Ho written by A.R Rahman, Gulzar & Tanvi Shah
  3. Elysium written by Magnus Fiennes and Michael Lowley
  4. Pump It written by Nicholas Roubanis, William Adams, Alan Apll Pineda,Stacy Ferguson & Thomas Van Musser
  5. Beatroot written by Gay-Yee Westerhoff
  6. Last time written by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
  7. Summer written by Antonio Vivaldi, Arranged by BOND
  8. Winter written by Antonio Vivaldi, Arranged by BOND
  9. Apasionada written by Magnus Fiennes and Michael Lowley
  10. West With The Night written by Eos Chater
  11. Road To Samarkand written by BOND, Magnus Fiennes & Ric Featherstone
  12. Victory 10 written by Tonci Hulijic
  13. Diablo (bonus track) written by Magnus Fiennes and Michael Lowley

Honestly, things are not the same as before since Haylie left. I’ll miss her flexibility, her charm, and her wild side. Even if you only listen to their former songs, you can feel her presence. Nevertheless, the album still rocks. We fans were hinted before that Play is influenced by Middle East, Western Side, Ethnic beats. I like their cover on Slumdog Millionaire famous “Jai Ho” song, Black Eyed Peas’ “Pump It”, and I can’t believe they did The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony”/”Last Time” (I was wishing on it few yeas ago)! I also like “Beatroot”: it feels like a Russian gypsy-like folk dance, the beat makes you clap and stomp to dance; and also “Road To Samarkand” which reminds me of Marrakech, Morroco. Also included in the album are 2 covers of the Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons namely “Winter” and “Summer” (they did “Viva”, their another “Winter” cover, during their debut album Born). To celebrate their 10th year, Play also has “Victory 10”, a refreshing rendition of the group most popular song way back in their debut year, “Victory”. I’m still trying to like their carrier single “Diablo” but there’s something in their that I don’t like. The only thing I like is Eos’ singing :D.

According to Eos Chater herself, the album has been released to Mexico and soon will be available worldwide these coming months. Play will be available in Asia around September this year. I promise I’m gonna grab a copy. Can’t wait :).

(Okie tama na ang English. Nakakadugo ng utak. Joke :D.)

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!


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