Meet the ANTM Cycle 17: All Stars


Mayo 12, 2011 ni theairprince

Wanna be on TOP again?
Na na na na na na… Na na na na na na na…

Malapit na magtapos ang America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16. So far, so good. Final two bitches are Molly (the ill-temper ala-Kate Moss) and Brittani (the panic-attack-stricken) and they will compete for the Final Runway at Marrakech, Morroco. Invited kaya si Secret Squirrel at Morroco Mole?

But aside from the finale, ANTM fanatics are anticipating the next cycle of the show. And not just a typical new season but an all-star season. Inannounce last time ng CWTV ang lineup ng shows nila for Fall 2011, and it was confirmed na there will be ANTM Cycle 17 and also Cycle 18. The upcoming cycle will feature contestants from previous cycles who were unforgettable due to their stories aside from their remarkable personalities and attitude problems :D. But hey, let’s face it. Sometimes we watch the show not only because we wanted to witness fashion, style, and the birth of a model but also we love the drama. Parang nanunuod ka lang ng Mara Clara pag nanunuod ka ng ANTM, yun lang walang 4-combo sampal ni Mara :D.

Anyway, I just found the list of the contestants vying for the Top Model spot. CWTV hasn’t released the list officially but a lot of fans were able to learn who will be competing for the next season. Tumblr was overflowing with excitement and spoilers. Actually, as of today, they are done with their first-ever public judging panel, which is very unusual for ANTM (they do it in closed doors).

1. Shannon Stewart, cycle 1

Actually, I barely know about the first cycle of ANTM (I started with Cycle 4 last 2006). I only rely on YouTube to watch Cycle 1. It was a tacky and cheesy but a promising start of a modeling reality show. Naalala ko super liit pa ng judging panel, parang nasa loob lang ng cabinet. Aside from Robin, the Oh-Jesus Christian conservative freak, and Adrianne, the first winner of ANTM who still have grudge against Tyra Banks, Shannon is remembered as the model who refused to do a glamour nude photoshoot. The commercial and safe Shannon was been at the bottom two twice but redeemed herself as she received 3 first call-outs. At the end, she became the Mother of ANTM first runner-ups.

2. Camille McDonald, cycle 2

Ah. Sinong hindi makakalimot kay Camille? Who would ever forget Jay Alexander, the runway diva coach extraordinaire’s statement to her? “Black girls always give an extra… Walk like a butterfly, sting like a bee!” Aside from her attitude and bitchiness, she will be best remembered for her ‘signature walk that will make her famous’. But hey, she can really walk fiercely.

3. Brittany Brower, cycle 4

The dubbed Young Janice Dickinson of ANTM is back once again. They are almost similar: can take great shots, literally and figuratively. If April Wilkner (cycle 2) Quench’s underwater photo deemed as visual orgasm, Brittany’s photos are sometimes carry a pornographic appeal. Kulang na lang maghubad siya sa harap (teka, nag-iinit ako haha). Despite her over sex appeal, she can take stellar shots. And of course we cannot forget her loud personality, her being drunk (that’s the taking shots figuratively), and her unforgettable verbal battle with fellow contestant, Keenyah. SHUT UP!!!

4. Bre Scullark, cycle 5

Black girl contestants add more color to the competition. And with Bre, cycle 5’s 3rd placer, it is undoubtedly true. She can take great photos, can walk the catwalk gracefully but fiercely, and has been involved in one of the controversial issues on ANTM until this time: the Granola scandal. The missing snack bar caused some serious drama in the house, even while on backstage of the judging panel. She blames Nicole Linkletter, cycle 5’s winner, and she even revenged by disposing latter’s energy drinks in the sink. Hanggang ngayon, hindi pa rin alam kung sino ba talaga ang kumuha ng granola bars.

5. Lisa D’Amato, cycle 5

Also coming from cycle 5 is Lisa, one of the most notorious contestants in ANTM. Known for being frank when voicing out her opinion, she is also being remembered for her weird costumes while in the house, peeing in a diaper, and befriending a talahib. Drama escalated when she lashed at Coryn during their photoshoot (Lisa called her ‘moron’ while Coryn answered back and called her ‘alcoholic bitch’). Taray. Despite looking old (and I’m sure it will be a challenge for her as the cycle kicks off), she is considered as one of the strongest girls in ANTM history. The next question is if Tyra will impose a No Alcohol policy in the house.

6. Bianca Golden, cycle 9

If you think kontrabidas only exist on primetime soap operas, you’re wrong. If there’s Heather Kuzmich who had to deal with her Asperger syndrome, ADHD, and awkwardness, there’s got to be Bianca. She will let you eat soap flakes :D. Known for causing drama with fellow candidates, Bianca will be forever remembered as the model who had a makeover meltdown: her head was shaved when her planned makeover failed). Yet it didn’t bother her to produce best shots, thanks to her golden brown skin and smizing eyes.

7. Dominique Reighard, cycle 10

Dominique is tough. Dominique is brave. Dominique is Dominique. Her subject-verb-agreement always involves her name as well as most of the arguments in the top model house during her stay. Her being a mother and bad experiences from the past made her tough and rough. Dominique was even criticized for looking like a transvestite but the judges noted her ability to soften her manly features as the competition progresses. And forgot about this? BRASILIA! :D. Will she finally convince Ms Jay that she is not a brother?

8. Isis King, cycle 11

If you doubt Dominique about her sexuality, wait till you meet Isis. She is a major breakthrough contestant. Technically, she’s a he. Thanks to Tyra’s support to the LGBT community, the transgender model wannabe was able to be part of cycle 11. She was spotted on cycle 10 as one of the background models of the first photoshoot. She (okie I must use ‘she’) was criticized during the entire season, both by her fellow contestants and the judges. She had problems when she had to wear a swimsuit during photoshoots (sosyal sa US ah, scotch tape ang gamit, dito sa Pinas, tinatali haha joke). Finally, Isis is chosen to be part of cycle 17. Will her fellow contestants embrace her? At least LGBT is proud again :).

9. Sheena Sakai, cycle 11

Another cycle 11 contestant who will be part of upcoming All Stars cycle is Sheena. She is one of the favorites and known for being only Asian girl in cycle 11. She resembles Kimora Lee Simmons, a famous fashion designer and former model. But Tyra had to give Sheena a makeover for there can be only one Kimora. ANTM is famous for catfights (thank God, I haven’t seen brawls), attitude problems, gossips, and also secrets. And Sheena has a secret until one judge questioned if her boobies were real (it was so perfect and fixed that it looked unreal). She told they were real at first until she stood up on the aisle once again and admitted her breasts undergone surgery. Sheena is known for being loud, cheerful, hip (she’s Asian but she got Harlem stuff), and sometimes hoochy just like Brittany Brower. Has she perfected the non-hoochy pose this time?

10. Allison Harvard, cycle 12

There was Shandi Sullivan (cycle 2), Heather of cycle 9, and then there was Allison Harvard aka Creepy Chan. Struggling at the start of the competition (poor walk and one safe look), she finally improved and managed to fight until final runway (most were expecting her to win). At the end of the cycle 12 competition, her rival, Teyona Anderson, became ANTM winner. Beyond her artistry, quirkiness, spooky but fierce eyes, and her fascination on nosebleeding (creepy O_O), Allison made a large impact on ANTM fans: even if you’re awkward looking, you can be a top model. Finally, a redemption for all the weir looking model aspirants (ah, Nicole Fox of Cycle 13, who is also quirky, won ANTM cycle 13).

11. Laura Kirkpatrick, cycle 13

As the model hunt series grows old (and boring), Tyra decided to come up with a cycle only dedicated for shorties. The usual standard for the modeling industry is 5′ 7″ above. Yet because of Tyra’s vision for a real beauty, the modeling dream for 5’7″-and-below girls had come to reality… show. Laura is one of the girls who was fortunate to participate in cycle 13. Unlike other girls who are known for their notoriety, she is simple, sweet, and a girl who can juice out sunshine out of cow’s belly. Laura is so country but it didn’t distract her fierce photos. She gave a wonderful performance (ASTIG YUNG FINAL RUNWAY WALK NIYA COMPARED TO NICOLE!) with Nicole Fox until the latter was called ANTM cycle 13’s winner. And let’s thank her grandma, Wanda Sue, for providing wardrobe for Laura. san ka pa, may sariling sastre :D.

12. Angelea Preston, cycle 14

You thought toughness was gone since cycle 12? You’re wrong. Angelea is back on cycle 14 from not being called for the cycle 12 list. Angelea may look polished and improved but her bitchiness is still there, causing havoc in the top model house. From Anslee (the square-jawed momma) to Brenda (Peter Pan haired momma) and even Alasia (the gorgeous but whining bitch), Angelea will make sure you’re living in hell. Despite her being the resident bitch, she still delivers best shots. I wonder if she still has those claw-like nails, maybe she can finally use them when someone will assault her.

13. Kayla Ferell, cycle 15

She is undoubtedly one of the best girls in ANTM, in my opinion. She may look ‘blondey’ (see here why) but her unique look and enthusiasm made a lot of fans. Kayla has also the story to share: she sleeps in a sleeping bag, telling the viewers that she lives in a deprive life, not to mention her being a lesbian (she even feels uncomfortable when posing with a male model). I sense Elina of cycle 11 is reemerging. After the major makeover, she mostly delivers wonderful pictures that made her go with the final girls to Milan, Italy. Fun. Fighter. Fierce. And a story to tell. That’s Kayla’s artillery.

14. Alexandria Everett, cycle 16

Good news for Alexandria haters/bad news for her fans, she got booted out from ANTM cycle 16. Good news for her fans/bad news for her haters, she comes back as one of the candidates for All Stars. She looked like Renee Alway (cycle 8, 3rd placer) plus Caridee (cycle 7 winner).We were prompted at the beginning of cycle 16 that Alexandria would make serious issues on the show. As the episode progress, we saw it and agreed. From bitching with vixen Monique during a shoot, to bossing around during Francesco Carrozzini’s shoot (FYI: he’s the son of Franca Sozanni, Vogue Italia’s EIC), down to major Brittani’s surprising meltdown, and even being overdirecting during a shoot at Morrocco, Alexandria definitely made most of us cast steam out of our nostrils and curse the tv sets. She is the latest bitch queen of the season until the cycle 17 starts.


It has been dreamed long ago for an all star cycle. Kaso since may 16 cycle na ang America’s Next Top Model, most of the contestants are too old to be a model (Lisa is almost 30 years old) which is a eyebrow raiser for the fashion industry. And most of the girls are prone to serious trouble making. Is that the intention of the show? Or was the production had a hard time to convince the past contestants to join cycle 17? Well, some contestants have post-ANTM career: be it in modeling or another career. I’m surprised that no models were selected from cycles 3,6,7, and 8 since most of them were the best ANTM series. And of course, why Jade (cycle 6, 3rd placer) wasn’t included in the cast??? SAYANG :D. (Okie, I just read an article about Jade’s disappointment on cycle 17.)

Now there is one question that is needed to be answered when cycle 17 kicks off (aside from who’s going to be the bitchest of them all)… as Tyra Banks would say… Who… will be… eliminated… tonight???

*Opening billboard shows*

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!

The Air Prince

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    kudos to you.

    muah from dubai

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    I soo love it! But hell, why Alexandria? Wouldn’t it be better if Molly?

  3. Juliet ay nagsasabing:

    Sheena’s last name is sakai

  4. YaNuT0 ay nagsasabing:

    dpat yung mga runner ups ang all stars pra clash tlga

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    Sna manalo c allison…

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    Reighard will win…

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