Born This Way Music Video


Marso 1, 2011 ni theairprince

Written by Lady Gaga
Executive producer: Vincent Herbert
Director: Nick Knight
Choreographer: Laurie Ann Gibson

Sa wakas. Buhay na naman ang mga monsters. Lady Gaga’s Born This Way is officially out.

A tweet from my high school friend reminded me that the music video for her first single from her new album would be released yesterday. Also, Perez Hilton blogged about the world premiere. As expected, everyone is expecting the music video. The music track alone faced some criticisms (ie. heavily ripped-off from Madonna’s Express Yourself, and lyrics containing racist slur (chola and orient)) upon its release and here comes the music track with an another controversial imagery. Definitely, this is the talk of the town right now just like her previous vids. Everyone in social networks are sharing and linking the video and view counters dramatically rising up in just few hours.
It runs for about 7 minutes. It starts with a prologue (or according to herself, a ‘manifesto’) of psychedelic birth of celestial proportions, the mitosis of future, the terrifying inception of evil, and the pendulum of choice. I find her voice very motherly, calm, but mysterious.
Medyo artistic pero disturbing and provocative yung scenes and imagery. There are scenes of what is seems to be conceiving the monster race. Sosyal pala si Lady Gaga, dugong bughaw ata siya. Kumikintab ang amniotic fluid niya. The kaleidoscopic nature of some scenes were nice. Talagang mapapagana yung imagination mo. Her look in what appears to be an altar for the Mother Monster was regal but slightly scary (she sports the facial bone protuberance). It was vivid but dark at the same time. As usual, dance scenes interplay the story. The last part was puzzling. She appears to be like Madonna during her 80s peak. No doubt that the Vigilant Citizen is now trying to decipher the music video and will release another ranting interpretation the next morning.
Parang pinaghalong Superman classic movie + Little Boots + Barbarella + She-Ra 😀 Bilib din ako kay Lady Gaga because she has the guts to push her creative boundaries further.
Nako, Lady Gagita. How will you make a parody out of this? 😀


And I wonder what will be Maria Aragon’s reaction when she finally sees that video. Sana hindi siya bangungutin 😀

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!

The Air Prince


4 thoughts on “Born This Way Music Video

  1. skysenshi ay nagsasabing:

    Natuwa ako sa video nung bata when I saw it once. Ayaw mag-play nung official video though…

    • theairprince ay nagsasabing:

      Yeah, me too 🙂 Bumilib ako sa talent ni Maria. And she recently sang with Lady Gaga sa Toronto concert ^_^

      Maria Aragon = Baby Gaga ^_^

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