4th (Young) Multimedia & Graphic Designers Summit


Pebrero 27, 2011 ni theairprince

Yesterday, February 26, was the 4th Young Multimedia & Graphic Designers Summit at my former alma mater De La Salle University – Manila. The one-day artists conference was organized by Moomedia , a La Sallian creative organization, and was held at Bro. Andrew Gonzales Building. It has been a long time since I visited DLSU – Manila. Last time I ever stepped my foot there was when I processed my transfer credential and other documents for transferring to another school. Seryoso, nung pagbaba ko ng LRT Vito Cruz station, naramdaman ko ang nostalgia. Naalala ko yung panahon na nagmamadali akong bumaba ng LRT train at tumawid under the railway just to rush to my morning class. For those who aren’t aware yet, I took up BS Civil Engineering there for exactly 1 year until I realized that it wasn’t destined for me. The dreams of becoming an engineer suddenly faded and I was embraced to my real passion which is arts. To cut this long story shorter than short bond paper, I left the Green Complex and sought shelter of a small but competitive 10 plus-storey school located at Magallanes. Enough of drama.

(Marami ang nalilito sa Asia Pacific College at University of Asia and the Pacific.)

Kung inyong mapapansin… why did I put parentheses around “young”? It’s because I looked like a college professor mingling with the crowd younger than the youth (now, that’s hyperbole) πŸ˜€

Before getting there…

I attended this conference with my blockmates from ABMA53, Jheng and Carlo (who arrived later than me). Sayang kasi 3 lang kami and I was somehow expecting that it could be a mini reunion of our block. I met Jheng at Kenny Roger’s 1 hour late and she let me finish her breakfast meal consisting of pancakes and a hotdog (Yung totoo, beggar ako? LOL). While we were waiting for Carlo, we just talked about our college days, our careers, and our plans for the future. After breakfast, I even accompanied Jheng to an ATM near Torre Lorenzo and the memories became more vivid. Kwento ako ng kwento sa kanya dahil it brought memories. I told her how I was different from the guy they knew today. I was once a quiet, shy, and reserved student before. Basta masaya ako while we were crossing the streets; it felt like a homecoming. Yun nga lang hindi ako gumaraduate there.

Taft - Vito Cruz... we've met again...

Sarap holdapan si Jheng πŸ˜€

Actually, it would be my first time to enter one of DLSU’s modern campus buildings, the Bro Andrew Gonzales Building. Before I left there 6 years ago, that building was still under construction. Now, I was amazed to observe finally the building that was once still incomplete yet. Jheng and I were greeted by one of the organizers at the entrance then we were ushered to 9th floor. Hindi ko mapigilang mamangha sa building. Kung pupwede lang kuhanan ng pictures ang sarili ko as the school as my background, ginawa ko na kaso inatake ako ng hiya. Baka isipin ng mga tao, “Look at him, he’s so baduy.” (with a social accent). Joke lang πŸ™‚

the ticket to 4th Young Multimedia & Graphic Designers Summit πŸ™‚

Akala ko we weren’t registered until I glanced on the registration list and saw my name. After paying for the tickets worth Php 250 each, we entered a lecture hall that looks like APC’s _09 rooms. The difference is that their’s is bigger and colder(!). Umupo kami sa pinakadulong row since most of the seats at the front and middle were occupied. And we realized that the seminar had already began with its first speaker, Robbie Bautista.

The Speakers

Robbie Bautista aka The Creative Dork... siya pala yung "Sushii Boy" na fave artist ko noon sa Multiply

Robbie Bautista

He was already being introduced when we arrived. Carlo missed this first speaker. His talk focused on the process of his career as an illustrator and graphic artist. Originally a BS Computer Studies student, Robbie transferred school to fulfill his real passion for the arts. The talk was like a children’s book but catered to mature audiences. It revolved around his ups and downs of his career. He gave us pieces of advices on how to become a successful artist while trying to give side jokes and ‘tricks’ of the trade. The visuals were simple but fun and relatable.Β He considered himself “The Creative Dork” because of her quirkiness , sense of fun, Β and sometimes weirdness.Β I didn’t recognize Robbie Bautista first until he showed some of his past artworks. Siya pala yung “Sushii Boy” that I was following before.

Christian San Jose aka "CSJ89"... mas bata sa akin pero bigtime clients πŸ™‚

Christian San Jose

Finally, Carlo arrived when this second speaker was already introduced. CSJ is a freelance illustrator since 2006. Just like Robbie, he took up Computer Science course, thinking that it was geared towards visual arts. After less than 1 year, he didn’t finish college to pursue his own career. CSJ used the Valentine’s day or love as his inspiration for his talk. As artists, we must love our craft no matter what happens (as he shared with humor and light smile). He showed slides bearing his doodles of humorous stories as well as his outstanding portfolio. I was surprised that I already adore some of his works in the past (but I didn’t take an initiative to know more about him). Who would have ever think that that man before us had Kobe Bryant as one of his clients??? Astig di ba??? And not only that. His designs particularly on shirts were worn outside the Philippines (even showing us screencaps of TV shows with actors wearing the T-shirt!) He also served as former art director of Team Manila, one of my idols in arts industry. One of my favorite advices he gave us is that when opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

…. Lunch break…


Our only pic with one of the speakers. Nagkahiyaan kasi πŸ˜€

My caricature of Jheng and her bf πŸ™‚

CLAYGO = Clean As You Go. One of the culture things I miss in DLSU πŸ˜€


…then the 2nd part continues…

Gerry Alanguilan aka "Komikero" reminds me of my kuya + Soxy Topacio. Joke πŸ˜€

Gerry Alanguilan

The 2nd phase of summit kicked in after lunch time (and Jheng had to leave for her ‘date’ with her special someone). Before the emcee was making introduction, the face of the next speaker caught my attention. Sabi ko kay Carlo, “Carlo, parang pamilyar sa akin yung face nung lalake. Parang nakita ko na siya sa YouTube.” And I was right after hearing his credentials. He had gag videos circulating on net. Check him here. Panigurado makikilala niyo siya πŸ˜€ But I was amazed to learn that he is a professional comics artist, having experience at Marvel Comics and being involved in local comics industry. He has been a comics illustration instructor at College of St. Benilde. The audience had to fight the afterlunch sleepiness but his impressive portfolio made us awake the entire time. His discussion focused on the mixture of traditional and digital comic illustration and story making. Some of his best comic works for me are the spin-off of Rizal’s life entitled The Marvelous Adventures of the Amazing Rizal (imagine Rizal using time machine. Astig, di ba?) and Elmer, a story of chicken civilization (yeah, chickens are like humans in his comics!). As expected, his talk ended with his famous grin. We exploded with laughter, another relief for us. πŸ™‚

..and there was Tricia Gosingtian aka "Slumberdoll"... one word: GODDESS πŸ™‚

Tricia Gosingtian

I didn’t expect that the lady who I saw outside the hall is the famous stylista of Philippine fashion. I had to rush to the comfort room kasi naiihi ako sa lamig ng venue, that I didn’t bother to recognize her. Tricia Gosingtian is the 4th speaker for that day’s agenda. She’s a famous creative entrepreneur, fashion blogger, stylist, photographer, and also a model. As when Sir Gerry capped his discussion with his demonstration of his famous smile, I saw her near the door, getting ready. She was like a sweet-smelling perfume. Her aura gradually filled up the room. She was wearing an outfit that looked like she’s the only one who can give justice to it. Tricia, admitting that she just arrived from NY from Fashion Week, introduced as to the world of fashion blogging which made all the female in the audience take down notes (while we, men, were captivated by her charm, beauty, and grace… hayy….). She told us that fashion is a multi-faceted interest and creativity through design can be used to express ourselves on it. She shared some tips and advices about fashion blogging and even gave artists and websites that serve as her inspiration. And when the Q&A time came, girls were so interested about where she buys her stuff, what is her beauty regimen, what is she wearing on her sleep, and if she has a boyfriend (sad to hear but meron… awww…). Anyways, Tricia is still a goddess to me πŸ˜€

Nelz Yumul aka "Dark Bulb"... one of the brainchildren of WeWillDoodle πŸ™‚

Nelz Yumul

Last but not the least is Nelz, a skilled illustrator, graphic designer, and artist with an appetite on mix of dark themes and trance influenced arts with a take on mature/deep thought concepts. His deep voice reminds me of Sir Bong, a college professor of mine. Sir Nelz shared that he was a junior reported of a defunct show Chikiting Patrol (which made me a hard time remembering him until I finally gave up and claimed that I used to watchΒ 5 and Up more than it.). He even incorporated beats as our background music (while giving us DJ scratching samples). Unlike Robbie and CJ who gave up their former courses, Sir Nelz finished Computer Studies before he dwelt to the world of arts (however he already has an interest on arts when he was a kid).Then he introduced us to the concepts of art being universal and as science. Known as Dark Bulb by himself, it is noticeable that he plays with dark and deep ideas and intertwine it to pop and light art. He also us the story ofΒ Wewilldoodle, a famous group that concerns on doodling on unexpected medium/drawing surface. His advices were about you, as artist, are the brand,Β killing the darlings of your art experiences, and having a persona for your creativity (just like the speakers and most of us are doing).


I really enjoyed the event. I couldn’t stop myself from being inspired with the knowledge and advices the 5 speakers had shared on us. I was even telling my friend about the discussions while we were texting. Inspirations were pouring unstoppable.

As designers in our chosen paths, styles, media, and philosophies, we must be aware of our own sensibilities and sense of uniqueness. It is our own sets of beliefs, emotions, stories, and expressions that set us different from others. Art is a should be a marriage of technicality and vision.

Being an artist is not a one-step process. It takes time to progress. Just like Robbie, his skills and artistic taste developed over time. We must be like CSJ when it comes to having passion for our craft. The inner drive takes us to the unimaginable dimensions of life. Sir Gerry advised us that we must not forget the roots of art. Also, he makes us realize that there’s no impossible in art. Traditional and digital arts can be combined. As artist, we must be aware of ourselves as a brand. Tricia tells the creative mind that what we create speak for ourselves. Lastly, let us be reminded that art is a science according to Sir Nelz. It is considered as a discipline. Moreover, it should be for everyone. It should be available for everyone to use as an instrument to express what we want.

And it’s more than the loot envelope we received. I gained experience and inspiration from the summit. Thank you organizers for a wonderful event. I’m hoping for the 5th summit πŸ˜€

At marahil ay dumudugo na ang ilong niyo sa super Ingles ko. Haha!

Profile photos of the speakers are owned by them.


Loot bag: program booklet, post-its, and a pen πŸ™‚

Hot like Mexico, rejoice!

The Air Prince


4 thoughts on “4th (Young) Multimedia & Graphic Designers Summit

  1. skysenshi ay nagsasabing:

    Uy, I love the Creative Dork! Sobrang love ko yung blog na yun. Of course the other names are already staples in the industry.

    • theairprince ay nagsasabing:

      I LOVE ALL OF THEM β™₯ They have unique sense of design and taste of aesthetics πŸ™‚ I really enjoyed their talks lalo na yung kay CSJ, manghang-mangha ako sa narating niya πŸ™‚

      Pero I admit nakanganga ako the entire time na nagsasalita si Trica… she’s breath-taking, parang may diyosang pumasok sa room :))

  2. Robbie ay nagsasabing:

    Hello! Thanks for attending Toney! At wow alam mo pa pala yung Sushi-boy days ko. Wahahaha. Salamat! =)

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